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  1. Advise on towing safety

    I subscribe to RV forums and have RV'ed in our motorhome to all of the lower 48 states and into Canada twice. The general rule most people try to follow is all gear, people, dogs, full tanks of water and propane, full fridge, ..... Yeah EVERYTHING. The total should be about 80% of the trucks...
  2. So here's what concerns me!

    From the title of this thread...... This is mine!
  3. MOJAVE; Turns out I do not need to adjust/recalibrate speedometer running 37s.

    Im one of those people that is against leaving stuff in, and hooked up to the Jeep 24/7 so I decided to go with the JScan phone app, instead of the Tazer. I bought the two parts needed on Amazon and the $19 app license... all in was about $90 and took about 10-15 minutes the first time. Dialed...
  4. To Mojave, or Not to Mojave...

    What did you decide to buy instead?
  5. MOJAVE; Turns out I do not need to adjust/recalibrate speedometer running 37s.

    I went from 33's to 35's and was like 5-6 mph off..... I agree with above....Its just not possible.
  6. Running 40's with a 37" Spare

    Not all 37's will fit. Pretty sure if you use the search you can find all the info and lists created, but if I remember... it has to be 36 1/2" or LESS fo fit. Almost all tires are truly smaller than actually listed. Some 35's are really 34's... and some 37's are really 36's.... and those...
  7. New Hummer EV is a fake?

    Well maybe this is all a lie? Just watched pre-game for tonights football game and there is one sitting there and one of the commentators got into the drivers seat. Maybe its just a "non-working" shell but its definitely a physical truck-like object. Maybe this is one of those "don't believe...
  8. New Hummer EV is a fake?

    Someone else put this picture up on the facebook "Jeep Gladiator" and I borrowed / took it from someone named Matt Thomas to put it on here. READ BELOW>>>>> My favorite is the last paragraph where they say the "video was simulated."
  9. Arizona ACE Rock Sliders - LIKE NEW

    Where are you at in AZ... Like cross streets or city? ...... Pictures?
  10. Please teach me about jscan

    I went out to the garage and took some pictures..... Ok this is the best way I can describe it. Just above the OBD port, are the two plugs. From the bottom of the plastic they are about the length of your fingers up in there. See all the pictures below.... The tab you use to release the...
  11. First oil change

    Dealer told me every 6 months or 5K miles for life.
  12. Please teach me about jscan

    Its actually behind the panel to the left ... but pulling the panel under the steering wheel it might help in seeing those plugs and letting in more light. The OBD port is in the bottom left of the picture and the plugs you need are just a few inches above that ... right about where I drew...
  13. Please teach me about jscan

    First if you have a Sport or Sport s its easier, but the hardest is definitely the Rubicon. I found its easier if you actually get on your back by the pedals with a flashlight and look up. it also helped to remove the panel beneath the steering wheel. No screws just clips that pop buy gently...
  14. Arizona Markings on cowl and bed cap

    419 is the area code of the factory where the Gladiators are made, and the flip flops are something like a tribute to one of the designers because he always wore flip flops..... probably have bits and pieces wrong on the second part .... but its something like that. Someone will probably be...
  15. ARIZONA Check in!

    N-Fab for Gladiator on Amazon.... Usually right around $400, (sometimes $406, sometimes $389) I think its the "Amazon's Choice." Actually I ordered a third set for the grey and they got lost in shipping and they had to refund me after 3 weeks of waiting.
  16. Arizona FREE Rubicon Plastic front bumper, skidplate but NO lights.

    Only good for 3 days.... Monday morning trash will take it away! The bumper was removed at about 1200 miles. The shop took it off and it is disassembled in 5-6 main pieces with several brackets and tons of screws. Skid plate looks like new Red hooks look like new Plastic bumper has some...
  17. Spoiler Alert.

    Please post a link...... I NEED to order this immediately so I can have it installed next month when I have my appointment for my engine swap to a 4 cylinder. They are also going to be removing my Dana axles to upgrade to independent front suspension off a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk! If I can...
  18. Please teach me about jscan

    Just checked mine at 7pm and no updates needed to the app and its still $19. I bought my OBD because it was one that they recommended on the JScan app website and I assume mine did everything. Ive only used it the one time to change tires size but it looked to me that everything was working.
  19. Spare 37

    If you try the search button at the top right corner, you would find they have tons of posts and even one person started a list of which ones fit and which ones don.t. It has 128 total posts as recent as 4 days ago.... I just typed "37 spare" into the search. Heres the link...
  20. It's more than a vehicle it's a community! Jeepers unite to recover Jeep stuck on a cliff

    I heard one guy say in the video .... "Hey Fred, If they had just answered his question online of... will 35's fit without a lift ? .... we wouldn't be up here pulling on these stupid straps."