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  1. Any Southshore MA dealers that won’t charge $$$ for MOPAR lift install?

    The Mopar lift is a very basic lift to install. I paid $500 for my install but does you no good down where Im at. That said, its springs, shocks, lower controls and few other things. Id be shocked if it to someone more than 3-4 hours.
  2. South Florida Gladiator Club

    Ft Lauderdale area for me
  3. LED Headlight Options

    I was able to get extreme terrain's last set of Skyline LED Headlights which appear to be the same as DV8 and Mopar. I had LED on my JLUR and I can tell no difference in these. Plug and play.
  4. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    Fully agree here. Would love it but the affordability aspect is something I just can't see. I love power, but I don't ever think the gladiator NEEEDS it, more so my inner child does.
  5. 6.4L V8 Hemi (392) possibly "real world" testing for future Gladiator model

    I could see them putting the 6.4 from the HD 2500, which I had and its a beast as well but is built to handle abuse from towing. Putting the 6.4 from the SRT vehicles could take away from the point of the gladiator, which is still a light-duty truck. Not saying I wouldn't love one, but its...
  6. Armor All best to bring color back for plastic pieces?

    As mentioned, skip everything in a spray bottle and use C4. Period
  7. Waterless car wash

    A good waterless wash is as good, when used properly, as a regular wash. ONR or Ammo, linked above, are very good options. McKees also has an excellent product and these chemicals won't cause scratching when use properly. They are designed to lift, encapsulate and remove dirt. I use ONR and Ammo...
  8. Overland: Mopar lift and mud tire impact?

    I did the Mopar lift and 37 Toyo RTs on my Sport. I drive very hard, living where I live its a must or you'll be hit by dumbasses on their phones or not knowing where they are, seriously. My MPG was 16 and now is 13.4. Im going to regear to 488s next month and I still wont really care about MPG...
  9. 17" wheels with 35s, 37s how bad is road hunting?

    Ive had lots of Jeeps with 37s, none of them have "hunted" the road, including my Gladiator. At some point, Im sure the width of the axles may get you there, however. My Audi RS7 was crown happy when I slapped 295/25/21 all around but thats AWD and really wide
  10. Ohio Mopar Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

    ID consider it if shipping was an option.
  11. Sarge Green Release Date?

    I agree! That’s why I searched across states to find mine. I’m curious to see sarge green though
  12. Gladiator on order and now not sure

    I can give you firsthand experience having owned both... I ordered a stacked JLUR last year and it was a great Jeep. Slapped 37s on it and drove it daily for about 5 months and realized it was reckless to have a $58k sticker price Jeep that's more expensive than my wife's loaded Audi Q5. Dumped...
  13. How to keep the black plastic fenders looking new?

    I use ceramic coating or Carpro Reload or Gtechniq C4. C4 is probably the best out of the bunch.
  14. New Base Jeep and very OVER whelmed by modification options

    You’re still missing the point
  15. New Base Jeep and very OVER whelmed by modification options

    I actually have heard of JC Whitney. Doesn’t change the fact there is more aftermarket support than ever before. Meaning, you can go any direction with modifications just like you with a civic. Doesn’t mean anything less or more than that. Hell, for a long time the only long arm kit offered for...
  16. Florida Mopar 2” Lift crate

    Free to whoever comes and gets it. I know a lot of people want these to make things out of and I don’t have the room. I’d like to pay it forward for the blessings I’ve had even through this pandemic. Come get it
  17. Washington Wooden Jeep lift kit box wanted BOX ONLY

    I’d give mine away but mine is in Florida
  18. Looking for Florida dealer willing to match Gupton price

    I got mine out of Georgia and paid the $350 to get it delivered to Ft Lauderdale. Dealers around here suck. I got 6k off my $46k sticker and leased it with 78% residual. Unreal deal in all honestly. $46k sticker, $300/mth 24 months