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  1. Headphone?

    From reviews I’ve read Bose has the best noise cancelling tech, but personally, I’ve always been partial to Sennheisers
  2. Gladiator broken windshield

    For anyone going with racingoptics, coupon code "forum" takes 10% off
  3. Gladiator broken windshield

    Gorilla glass or Racing Optics protective film are the usual suggestions here
  4. Jeep Gladiator Power Wheel

    Did that on a Jeep Hurricane for my kid. Upped the voltage to 24V Lithium, but that chews up the gears in the stock motors. So I hade to upgrade motors, swap to metal gears, and then add a functional brake pedal. Then you'll find all that power just spins the rear tires, so I had to bolt bike...
  5. Phone Solutions

  6. Gladiator Christmas gifts

    Redline hood struts and rock lights

    Buy the red ones and then have a sign shop put black vinyl overlays on top.
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Maximus filler trim plate These used to install with rivnuts, but now they include a thread cutter bolt. Instructions say you can use just a ratchet to cut the threads, but I spent an hour and made almost no progress. Make sure you have an impact wrench if you want to install these.
  9. Wasted packaging

    Read OPs comment. Look at profile for location. Suspicions confirmed.
  10. Mopar 2” vs Clayton 3.5” lift before and after

    Thanks for posting! Your truck looks great. Unfortunately, you've just made my 3 week wait for my Clayton kit feel that much longer now.
  11. Lug nuts for new wheels

    M14-1.5 spline lug nuts should work
  12. Exhaust upgrade

    I went S type and it’s almost too much. I would bet ATAK would be super obnoxious
  13. Rock lights tapped to Bed Lights?

    Only issue with using bed lights is that unless you leave a door open, they auto turn off after a set period of time.
  14. Change look of stock FM antennae (silver)

    The heat shrink tubing is a great idea. I initially clipped mine a few inches shorter and tried the high heat spray paint, but I saw chips within days. It’s always tough to paint something that rolls in even layers. Then I went with the Rydonair stubby and even though I’m kinda out in the...
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Only made it to the mailbox and back so far. I doubt it will do much, HP wise, but I do like how it looks. For anyone looking to add these, I would highly recommend buying 1” or 1.25” M4 screws to help fixate the passenger side vent during install. The wing nuts they send are too big and don’t work.
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    S&B air vents to go with CAI
  17. Recommendation for high clearance fenders with LED turn signals ?

    What about the AAL fender chop brackets?
  18. Looking for a nice chase rack

    You should get the one from Maximus. I hear it will be out any day now...