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  1. It's more than a vehicle it's a community! Jeepers unite to recover Jeep stuck on a cliff

    I used to live right there. Used to walk/run/bike on those trails. They are hardly wide enough for a bike let alone a 4 wheeler. The driver was foolish, but it makes for a great story.
  2. Let's see those Mojave's and Mods

    Quadratec QRC bumper. Was supposed to have winch included, but the winch is lost in shipping and Quadratec hasn't responded yet (quite unusual). I had to trim the front skid plate protecting the shock reservoirs because it contacted the winch mounting plate. On one of the pics you can see the...
  3. Has anyone bought a gladiator lately, in stock off the lot?

    Bought my Mojave about 6 weeks ago. Paid close to invoice. At least that's what they wanted me to think. In my area of the West Coast, Rubicons and Mojave's are hot items. There are several Sport's on the lot for several months. Maybe I should have ordered from that dealer in Idaho and flown...
  4. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

    OEM 33" Falken M/T tires and wheels from my Mojave for sale. Driven less than 100 miles before switched to 35" tires. Tires so new they still have all their rubber nubs. (TPMS sensors not included.) Located in Southwest Oregon. $1000 OBO. Marcus 541-227-8485 cell
  5. Torsen/TrueTrac helical limited slip differential?

    Not to dig up an old thread but .... I would love to install a TrueTrac on the front axle of my JT Mojave. Has anyone figured this out yet? I had front and rear TrueTracs in my JKU Willys and it was the best mod ever. All 4 tires were always grabbing in the sand and snow. I don't do rock...
  6. True Trail Gladiator Build

    Love this thread! Thanks for the long write up. I got a ton of new ideas from your build. And your non-Jeep related camping gear writeup was really cool. I just sold my JKU and bought a JT Mojave in Gobi. My overlander build has started with a half high Rebel rack and Decked drawer system...
  7. Let's see those Mojave's and Mods

    Thank you! No issues at all, turning lock to lock both sides. :) One thing I think needs mentioning often: I run oversize tires with lower pressure (usually 25-30 psi) than manufacturer recs. Jeep TPMS complains prominently on the dash if tire pressure drops below 32 psi (?). The Tazer...
  8. BuiltRight vs Mopar bed rails

    As another option, Rebel Off Road also makes bed rails for Gladiators. I'm happy with their bed rail system that came as part of the Xplor rack.
  9. Let's see those Mojave's and Mods

    Bought my Mojave Gladiator 2 weeks ago. Purchase price: $52,486 Definitely not a Pavement Princess. It has already been off-road to Dutchman Peak here in southern Oregon, and hauled the ski boat and utility trailer. Already several mods: 8/7/20 Tire/wheel combo - Fuel Vector 17x8.5"...
  10. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Just joined this club! First mods will be bumper, winch, 35"s, 1.5" wheel spacers. I have a 2015 JKU with lots of similar mods, but i wanted a truck, so I'll sell the JKU. Looking forward to learning more in this forum.