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  1. It's more than a vehicle it's a community! Jeepers unite to recover Jeep stuck on a cliff

    Name of the Jeep club was perfect for this recovery. Jalados_4x4 Jalar is to Pull
  2. Swaybar disconnects recommendation - i do not want to cut off the tab on the passenger side

    Per Synergy - must cut off the tab. I have the Mopar 2" plus 3/4" spacer, therefore i would need additional brackets to run the Synergy's or buy a Synergy track bar as well. I don't do much wheeling but i do have a Sedona trip planned for early October and Big Bear right after. With open...
  3. Swaybar disconnects recommendation - i do not want to cut off the tab on the passenger side

    Looking for a set of disconnects, thinking about the new Rancho. Any experience with these? I do not want to cut off the passenger side tab as required by JKS. JKS is what I had on my '14 JKU and it was just a simple bolt on.
  4. Bluetooth Noise Issue

    2020 Sport Max Tow with 8.4 screen - also have this wind noise. I have to scream as close to the mic in order for people to hear me over the noise. hardtop ON, A/C OFF, windows UP. Prior to this Gladiator i had a 2014 Jeep JKU - no wind noise.
  5. Dunked my key fob yesterday

    at least we now know it could be used as a personal flotation device. glad u r ok.
  6. California Jeep Mohave Rock Rails SOLD

    thanks. too far for me.
  7. California Jeep Mohave Rock Rails SOLD

    where are y located? i’m in 91915
  8. JSCAN - Tire Size / Diameter - What to enter

    valid points. thanks for input.
  9. JSCAN - Tire Size / Diameter - What to enter

    Maybe we could use this thread as a guide on what tire size / diameter future users should enter when using JSCAN. For example: 315/70/17 Goodyear Duratracs 17x9 wheels = 33.5"
  10. Sport s max tow locker questions

    So. How do you know if you have Trac Lock? Where would it state it in the Monroney sticker? My Gladiator was purchased on 7/1 as soon as it arrived on dealer lot. No, it does not state Trac Lock anywhere. I do have Max Tow.
  11. 2021 Sport S fender flares - body color confirmed :-(

    2020 Max Tow with painted fenders purchased on July 1st. to the OP, as stated before, you will be able to trade / sell your painted flares.
  12. Running board holes

    No. the Sport models do not have any bolts or plugs in those holes on the pinch seam or any other hole the rubicon rock rails mount to. yes they look ugly. that’s why so many sports owners buy rubi rail take offs.
  13. Drag Link Rattle

    mine does it. didn’t do it or hear it before the 2” lift at 500 miles. after lift is when i heard it. Mopar 2” 3/4” front spacer trackbar rancho geometry correction brackets.
  14. Dealer Inventory Search Tool on inaccurate?

    Jeep website is how i found my Gladiator, 120 miles away. Focus on the one or two things you really want. in my case, it was max tow and the color. then learn how to read the msrp. you'll start to realize that the 24s package is pretty much included in every vehicle and the cost adder because...
  15. Project Elpis

    did you add an additional spacer on the front? reason i ask is that the stance doesn't look like it has too much rake. do you know what the difference in height is between the front and rear pinch seam. i have a sport with tow package and the difference is 2 inches. i just ordered the...
  16. Teraflex 3.5" Coil Springs - looking for info on ride quality, components and pics

    Anyone using the Teraflex JT: 3.5" Coil Spring Base Lift Kit ? what shocks are you using and what did you do for caster correction? basically looking for info on this. Pics would be nice. I have a...
  17. Giveaway of the Month - June 2020 - JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension RockSport Edition

    Because this is all i can see of it since it's "In Transit" to my dealer till the end of the month. Imagine, new Gladiator with a new Game Changer.