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  1. Anyone have any experience with Insane Audio?

    oh balls missed that LOL. Yea, then this is a hard pass
  2. Anyone have any experience with Insane Audio?

    What is the IP Rating on this? Being a Jeep, many of us are more prone to finding ourselves with water in the cab (rain or offroading) than other vehicles. So IP rating is a major concern. Appreciate the time
  3. LED Headlights are dangerous in snow/ice storm

    How so? LED headlights do not put out enough heat to melt snow, this is not just a JT thing or a Jeep thing. Snow building up inside of the headlight area due to the concave design of the grill...yea thats a Jeep thing.
  4. Aftermarket air intake system recommendations?

    Your research is unfortunately wrong. Maybe on other cars but, but HP and MPG gains for jeeps via CAI is non-existent.
  5. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    I get it. Blind belief. Obviously you can't provide proof that your JT exceeds the capabilities FCA's engineers state, or that FCA has been utterly wrong on it. Because why would they want to show they have higher capacity against competition? Luckily that site shows that I have almost 10k...
  6. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    Holy shit you're not actually that dense, right? You're trolling me. Right? So you're telling me, that FCA's specific marking and EVERYTHING that they have put out, and have out on what the Gladiator's max towing capability, is wrong? Yes or no. If yes: - Please explain to me how your vehicle...
  7. P0300 Misfire Before Gladiator had 400 Miles on it. Back to the dealership for the 3rd time.

    Not really. My JK got this at 30k miles. you have less of a chance after 10k, but it can happen anytime.
  8. New metalcloak driveshaft now loud clunk

    Wrong forum to post this. But if it is from turning it is most likely not the driveshaft. What else did you do to the vehicle at the same time
  9. Removal of rear window

    On the hard top, no. It is one piece like the Wrangler hard tops. Dunno about the softop.
  10. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    The three jeep dealerships I deal with. Jeep Cares posted it. A current Jeep engineer posted it was wrong most of the time along with confirming the highest rating is 7650. FCA itself stated the highest tow rating is the sport s with MT package at 7650. The last one is kind of a big deal. If...
  11. Secondary Battery issues!!!!!!

    Eh. I really doubt you will find an odyssey that will be the same size as the aux. Idk how many companies actually make them that size. If you do i know many people will be happy for that. I was at first thinking of doing the same thing, however I refused to be DOA randomly. After it happening...
  12. Secondary Battery issues!!!!!!

    I hate it and turned it off with my Tazer, but it works perfectly fine. Nothing changes besides the battery sizes, and how the system charges both batteries. I have had this system in my JK for 6 years and still no issues at all. One of my favorite things to do to my jeeps
  13. Secondary Battery issues!!!!!!

    Well. Technically with the dual kit you still have the aux setup. But you have a bigger battery with a smart solenoid that actually allows the "second" battery to be charged. Another benefit is the built in button that allows the batteries to connect so you can jump yourself i necessary.
  14. Secondary Battery issues!!!!!!

    Yes it does. How the wiring is set up, you have a size 25 battery as the aux and size 25 as your main. The positive terminal for the aux battery is not used with the install, so you just wrap it in electrical tape and leave it. Looking to find a different way to do this. I had my aux battery...
  15. Secondary Battery issues!!!!!!

    The battery issue is not set to build dates at all. I dont know if you can buy the aux battery at a store. My suggestion to everyone is to get rid of the aux and do a dual battery setup, or take out the aux and wire the system to not need it (idk how to do this part). The genesis dual batt...
  16. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    Really nice to see some bigger towing numbers here, especially lifted. However, your towing capacity is not over 7,650. factory max possible is 7650. With the lift you most likely lost some of that capability due to spring differences. Website is inaccurate. Glad the trip went well though :like:
  17. Looking for input of 2020 Sport 2.5 inch lift w/ 35 inch tires

    There are dozens of threads on this and posts already. Look through the lift threads and youll find your answers on rubbing issues. Can't go wrong with RK or MC. Seems like a lot of people here like Rustys. Why not go the Mopar lift so you keep factory warranty/can get the lift serviced and...
  18. Metalcloak lift

    No it does not squat
  19. Drive shaft thoughts. Metalcloak vs Adams

    I have the MC driveshaft on my JK so not sure if it is the answer you are looking for. MC does not make these driveshafts, only sells them. They get them in from another shop that they trust. I have had no issues with mine over 3 years of use.