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  1. Coil spring part numbers

    Thanks for the info @KurtP Stopping distance is always a factor I pay attention to. I'm not trying to increase my payload. I just want to make sure putting on the Rubicon springs won't kill my payload // take away from my 1650lbs of payload. I put 900-1000lbs in the bed and 4 people in the...
  2. Coil spring part numbers

    Seems like I may need to take out my springs (443AC & 444AC) and measure if they have unequal distance between each coil (are progressive)
  3. Coil spring part numbers

    @KurtP dont forget about civil asset forfeiture abuse :stop: Thank you for all the info. I know Duallys (dualies?) exist because of payload so it makes sense tires have more to do with payload than springs. Jeep advertises 1700lbs as the Gladiator's max payload on their website but also...
  4. Coil spring part numbers

    I saw a Sport S, standard tow package, with spring numbers: 324AB, 325AB. 438AC, 439AC 438AC & 439AC are lower than my 443AC & 444AC I forget what higher number is, I think heavier. I'm trying to figure out what will give more payload my max payload springs from a manual transmission no tow...
  5. Coil spring part numbers

    What's the difference between AC VS AB? My springs are 68341444AC 68341443AC
  6. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) For Gladiator Manual Transmiss [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Yeah ASS (auto stop start) is bad for safety and your engine. Just get an electric car.
  7. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) For Gladiator Manual Transmiss [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    @KX L I agree, people need to learn how to properly drive a manual, down shifting included. However... In countries like Canada, England and more where there's a specific road test for a manual they'll fail you for putting it in neutral at a stop sign or light. The reason being if you're about...
  8. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    The Mojave has such a special suspension setup I don't think it's a good idea to get the Mojave and change it, unless you only want the reinforced frame. If you get the Mojave you're keeping the suspension stock. The rubicon and sport s, are both good options to buy and use as is or upgrade...
  9. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2020 Sales Results

    I cannot believe people are buying the ranger.
  10. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    If you like turning a wrench get a sport s and upgrade it with rubicon take offs. Customize it a way you like. If you have more money than time buy a Rubicon or Mojave.
  11. Confirmed: SOME 2020 JT's built on 8/14 (2020) and after got the Steel Steering box

    There are only two on my dealers lot (rubicon and overland) and they both have the black steel box.
  12. N-Fab J1980T textured black wheel to wheel steps

    Congratulations on the gladiator! Wow, that's amazing how good that silver and grey decal makes the white gladiator look. Cannot comment on the wheels but if your wife cannot get in put her in the bed :LOL::clap:
  13. Export Tail lights on NA Spec Gladiator

    Anybody find the part number for the rear amber tail lights/turn signals?
  14. Export Tail lights on NA Spec Gladiator

    Ralph Nader where are you?
  15. Export Tail lights on NA Spec Gladiator

    @JTRUBI I have a few japanese cars (subaru + mazda) and one VW. They all have amber rear and side mirror signals. In my VW the side turn signal actually saved me when I was new to driving when I thought I was in a dual right turn and the person on my right was going straight. Only worked because...
  16. Export Tail lights on NA Spec Gladiator

    Great choice of rims! Show us the amber tail lights!
  17. Made a bonehead move...worse than cheating on my wife...

    Now you have me thinking about the 2021! Hmmmm...
  18. Doing Rubicon take off suspension

    @MainePure I did mine one corner at a time... I only had one Jack, one Jack stand and one block of wood. @Mike the mechanic I have that gritty orange goop to wash my hands.
  19. Doing Rubicon take off suspension

    @Mike the mechanic & @ShadowsPapa Same number I started with.