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  1. JT RK 3.0 Suspension Kit Opinions???

    I`m sure they are playing catchup due to the pandemic. This is common now in all industries and not only the automotive.
  2. Nice honest review on EcoDiesel

    The diesel tuner is spot on. I have posted on this forum about regen during off roading but the so called diesel experts here took issue but your diesel tuner said what i said. It`s plain fact the harder a diesel engine works the more often it goes into regen. I have driven diesels since the...
  3. Rock Krawler JT 3” Pro-X "No Limits" Stage 1 vs. Fabtech 3″ Crawler Lift Kit

    I have the RK Pro-X No Limit lift and it`s been great no issues.
  4. Install the lift yourself?

    I`m 67 and did my RK 3" lift myself. Having proper tools and not being in a hurry is key. You will have your ups and downs and frustration will set in at times, stay focused take brakes and once done admire your work.
  5. When will order banks open for Gladiator Diesel?

    You have missed out. By the time the diesel arrives you would have known for sure if the diesel is really needed in this size truck, if this proved to be the case just trade it in. Diesel or gas engine the JT in reality is really limited for true truck use. For me the JT is a toy and the third...
  6. When will order banks open for Gladiator Diesel?

    Life is too short. If the diesel JT ever makes it to production i will have over a year of JT ownership and enjoyment. There is really nothing wrong with the gas motor and to deny yourself ownership of a JT simply because of the motor is silly.
  7. When will order banks open for Gladiator Diesel?

    A big problem is that dealers have large inventories of JT`s and the main reason according to my dealer is price and according to my dealer a JT diesel will only sit on the lot because for the same price a Ford F-250 diesel can be bought , their plan its to just take orders for the JT diesel and...
  8. When will order banks open for Gladiator Diesel?

    From what i was told today that "if" they continue with JT diesel production, plans look to be a Nov-Dec start date. This would put the trucks at dealers roughly next April. If this is true it`s a shame as i was interested to see how they work out in the JT.
  9. Found some neat engineering on our Jeep Gladiator Trucks!

    Good video and content. Much better than the videos where some guy is using his half naked girlfriend to get ratings and say nothing.
  10. Jeep invites you to the first ever Jeep Brand digital livestream roundtable

    Instead of the Hemi motor what about the Alfa Romeo Ferrari designed 6. It has more power than the Hemi is lighter and takes no more space than the current motor , please bring up this for an option. I have this motor in my Stelvio and it`s great and produces more torque than the diesel.
  11. California Rubicon Stock Suspension

    Yes i still have them.
  12. Rock Krawler 3" X Factor JT System

    I did mine on the ground alone and it was a workout, lucky you had that lift available. Good work! For those looking for a Drag Link Fusion 4x4 has 10% off right now i just ordered mine.
  13. Rock Krawler 3" X Factor JT System

    6'5" with 37" Patagonia MT tires.
  14. Daily cost of diesel vs gas?

    This is the reason Ford came out with the 7.3 because diesel owners have been begging for a diesel alternative. Fleet owners also have been complaining for years about diesel maintenance costs. I belong to all of the major diesel truck forums and most people just put up with the diesel BS...
  15. Daily cost of diesel vs gas?

    Your in Cali and so am i. Our state is adding another diesel tax here shortly and then another, diesel will be well over $5 a gallon in no time, in my area today i paid $4.19 a gallon at Costco, regular gas is $3.15 a gallon. Cali also has every two year inspections on diesels soon to be annual...
  16. Rock Krawler 3.0 X-Factor No Limits

    Glad you got it all done. As you have found out the lift really transforms the truck into a really nice driving and capable do it all truck.
  17. Rock Krawler 3" X Factor JT System

    You can mark the nuts and bolts and just check them every now and then. It is sold on Amazon.
  18. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    Your continued use of the word chief and lack of understanding posts shows maybe a brief education or a diversion to learning.
  19. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    Facts are facts and those facts are part of history and a part of history i have lived and am living to this day. Your tunnel vision and disrespect is obvious.