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  1. Hatteras/Ocracoke Main Thread

    This is a dedicated thread for Hatteras and Ocracoke islands, North Carolina. Both are a days drive from Hampton Roads, Virginia and the Research Triangle. These two spots have a decidedly more low key vibe than the rest of OBX which is why I feel like they deserve their own thread. Both allow...
  2. Dealership Tries to Buy Jeep During State Inspection

    Anyone have this weirdness happen? A lady, I can only assume is from my dealerships BDC/internet sales dungeon texted me while I was waiting all day for my state inspection offering to buy my truck “and get me into something better” and that she “had an offer ready and could meet me back at the...
  3. Virginia OEM - Premium Sunrider Soft Top NIB

    Let’s try this again since the moderators insist on a picture of cardboard. THIS IS NOT A TAKE OFF PART. THIS IS NIB. This is my OEM Premium Sunrider Softtop. It’s never been removed from the box, let alone installed or used. It’s been stored in a spare bedroom since the day I bought the...
  4. Garmin Tread XL Overland Sideloading PSA

    I switched from an iPad Pro 12 + Dual + Gaia to the Garmin and haven’t looked back. I really wanted to love Gaia but I found it to mostly be a PITA and getting my Bluetooth Dual GPS to work happily with Gaia on the iPad was always a crapshoot. I really like the Garmin, but it’s not all roses. My...
  5. Renogy LiFePO House (Dual) Battery Install

    Historically, the term “dual battery” meant a second battery under the hood of the same type as the starting battery that can provide additional power for the winch, welders or anything else. The overlanding community has broadened the term. With DC to DC chargers you can now run N number of...
  6. DIY Diesel Heater In-a-Case

    Here’s my diesel heater build. It’s basically an improved clone of a Planar heater. Total cost was cheaper than a Planar but still $500+ First, some quick background. Wabasto had a patent on these heaters which lapsed years ago, hence the cheap Chinese knockoffs. Theres a lot out there and...
  7. Virginia Sold: AEV Dual Sport 2.5” Diesel Springs

    I’m selling my AEV Dual Sport springs. These are the 2.5 versions for the EcoDiesel. Designed for over landing rigs, the actual lift is closer to other companies 3-3.5 lift. I’ve replaced mine with the 3” high capacity springs. These are in good condition with a little surface rust. They should...
  8. Gazelle T8/T4 Plus - Safety PSA (& some workarounds/hacks)

    First, let me preface this by saying that I love my T4 Plus. It does well in rain, the removable floors are fantastic, it’s great for stargazing, etc. I don’t like RTTs especially with a dog so it’s either a tent like this with cots or an off-road trailer for me. I also understand that in...
  9. Virginia 2021 OEM Rubi Rock Rails - $100

    2021 Rubicon Rock Rails $100 Hardware included. Great condition. No shipping. I’ll add some pics when I get a chance.
  10. Virginia Sold: OEM Rear Under Seat Storage Box

    OEM Under Seat Storage Box Excellent Condition, all dividers and mounting bolts present. $400 OBRO
  11. Virginia Sold: Take Off - 2021 OEM Roll Up Tonneau Cover

    Excellent condition: All weather stripping, seams and hardware in excellent, like-new condition. Surface clean with no tears. All hardware present. I replaced this with a Diamondback HD, otherwise this is a great cover that I would keep. $400 OBRO
  12. Virginia Sold: Take-Off Rubicon Diesel Springs and Fox Shocks

    These are off of my 2021 JTDR These are diesel springs! ~8000 miles Includes steering damper and Fox Shocks I’ve got the front and rear sway bar links as well All in excellent condition I’m in Tidewater Virginia $400 OBRO
  13. Virginia Sold: 5 Take-Off Rubicon Wheels/Tires

    These are take offs from my 2021 JTDR Falken WildPeak 33 M/Ts TPMS included, still mounted, balanced ~8000 Miles No holes, patches, damage I’m in Tidewater Virginia I’m also selling the 4 Rubicon Diesel Springs and Fox Shocks $1100 OBRO
  14. Virginia Sold: For Sale: Factory Steel 3 Piece Bumper.

    Take off factory steel bumper from 2021 JTDR. Like-new condition. Replaced with an AEV RX stubby bumper (I’m not sure that was a good choice, but that’s it’s own thread) Includes bumper, tow hooks (red), factory skid plate, factory air dam, hardware. **does not include factory fog lights**...