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  1. What gas milage are you getting?

    I had a 03 2500 4wd suburban with the got 11-12 when it wasn’t would pass everything but a gas station!
  2. What’s everyone using for oil?

    Daily drivers get Mobil-1, the 2) 430 hp Volvo Diesels in the boat get Rotella, the high HP (1.5-2.0+ HP per cubic inch) got/get Brad Penn. all for completely different reasons. edit: I have used Amsoil on different occasions in lots of air cooled applications (HD and VWs) with good success. In...
  3. Gladiator Deer Hoist: Calling all engineers

    Here you go. Ive used these in the past to lift HEAVY (engines) and 55 gallon barrels of fuel...
  4. Spent a day looking

    That Too!
  5. Spent a day looking

    59 years old, wanted a Jeep, but still needed at least a mid-sized truck. We moved to SW Florida and a convertible was something we both! Gladiator does all 3 pretty well.
  6. So here's what concerns me!

    You haven’t owned enough air cooled VWs then!
  7. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    I was raised and grew up in South Garland and we raised our kids in Rowlett and Rockwall. At 59 I decided I was tired of N Texas winters and we came to SW Florida.
  8. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    By the way, where in N Texas? We moved from Rockwall to SW Florida (Fort myers area) back in April.
  9. My door and top storage DIY solutions.... cart and hoist.

    Nicely done! I like the trolly idea!
  10. So here's what concerns me!

    Never worried about a was the assholes that might use one Committing a crime I worried about...and I’m a FIRM 2nd Amendment Originalist. Everyone should have the Right to own one, but that doesn’t mean “everyone” should....
  11. Overland 18” wheels and 33”, 35”, 37” tires?

    They don’t come out past the fenders. They come right even with them.
  12. Overland 18” wheels and 33”, 35”, 37” tires?

    285/75/18 Falken Wildpeaks, Mopar 2” Lift.
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Added my Lange Coyote Mirrors today after A months wait to get them.....nice addition for Fast/easy mirrors when the top and doors come off.
  14. Aftermarket Soft top?

    Tan top that folds all the way down to the bed...... come on!
  15. So here's what concerns me!

    I worked for and on Mercedes-Benz from 1982-1990 and Porsche and Audi from 1990-2000. I was in the auto industry (born into it) for 30 Plus years. I’ve worked on, repaired and fixed damn near every brand and type of Motorized vehicle known to man.....including antiques, drag cars, Off-road...
  16. Seat Jackers = best mod yet! For big guys!

    These are very well designed and thought out. I’ve spent a good part of my 58 plus years Driving competitively (off road buggies and 200 Plus mph Door cars and dragsters......I have no issue depending on these To hold the seat mounted.... especially in a vehicle with a simple 3 point belt system.
  17. Added more power outlets.

    Yep! Same one. I changed one of the 12v outlets to a Twin 3.0 USB.
  18. Added more power outlets.

    Thats them...
  19. TSB steering box review

    Had the box replaced last week ....... still have a dead zone. Approximately 1.5-2” of steering wheel movement Before anything happens. .....FML....
  20. Line X a few ideas

    Not my thing, but I admit it looks pretty damn good! Nice job!