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  1. Metal Cloak vs. Clayton

    Appreciate that! Always happy to help.
  2. My new Corvette

    That's a nice looking truck!
  3. Lift Installer recommendations DFW area

    PM me your zip code and I'll take a look :like:
  4. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    Yes so far you will be the first diesel!
  5. Metal Cloak vs. Clayton

    New shocks that are designed and intended to be used specifically with a particular amount of lift are always the best route rather than shock extensions, as the shock extensions unfortunately do not correct for things like valving and being able to handle excess weight. Our kits were actually...
  6. Lift Installer recommendations DFW area

    If you're not looking to do a ton of off-roading, definitely check out one of our Ride Right+ systems! It's basically just a stripped-down version of our full Overland+ kit designed for somebody who is just looking to maintain on-road ride quality with larger tires, rather than go all out on...
  7. Different Lift Methodology = Different Results?

    Metalcloak is an awesome brand as well! To be honest, our company started almost 20 years ago in 2001 and for the most part, grew and spread by word of mouth primarily, so I don't doubt that there are many areas where our name hasn't quite reached yet! It wasn't until recently that we decided it...
  8. Different Lift Methodology = Different Results?

    We personally have not felt or heard of any driveline vibrations at these heights, or seen any kind of passenger side lean on the JT, so while some of these extra components are nice, we didn't feel as though they were necessary or the most important areas that needed attending to. That's not to...
  9. Different Lift Methodology = Different Results?

    The maintenance free Giiro joints are life-changing, especially when they still provide all of the flex you need to keep up off-road! Adding some bump stops and Fox shocks to the Ride Right kit is everything you would need. You could even live without the bump stops if you weren't planning on...
  10. Different Lift Methodology = Different Results?

    I've heard the same thing about Clayton arms and bushings! :muscle:
  11. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    All of our kits including Ride Right+ were intended to fit 37" tires on a Rubicon with a 2.5" lift, and either 38" or 39" tires with a 3.5" kit. Sport/Sahara models would fit 35's with a 2.5" lift and 37's with 3.5". With that being said though, if you weren't planning on wheeling your truck...
  12. Gladiator Lift Kit Pre Order Package Now Available!

    For better ride quality especially on road, the Giiro joints included with the Overland Plus kit would be best. The Giiro Joints are dual durometer rubber bushings which help to soak up road noise and vibration on road for a smoother driving experience. They also provide a great amount of flex...
  13. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    No photos with that setup exactly, but that would work perfectly fine and I will leave some photos of our kits with 37's on 2.5" and 3.5" kits for you to see. 2.5" lift with 37's 3.5" lift with 37's
  14. Fruits of our Labor

    Looks badass, awesome photos too :like:
  15. Service Fees and Mandatory Passive Anti-Theft

    The dealer service fee sounds like a processing fee for the finance dept to do all of your paperwork, which is standard and actually a lot cheaper than dealers around us which tend to run in the 6 to 700 dollar range :) Passive anti-theft I would assume are other typical dealer charges like...
  16. Rubicon 35" Tire w/ Metalcloak 3.5" Lift or Clayton 2.5" Lift

    Just our opinion, if you're only looking to run 35's I would definitely recommend going with a 2.5" kit, unless your plan is to prepare for the future for even larger tires. Especially on a Rubicon model JT, any 2.5" kit should be able to clear 37's no problem, and a 3.5" kit sometimes up to...
  17. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    You can definitely add the bump stops if you want, nothing wrong with that! The only reason they are not already included is because again this kit wasn't really designed for somebody looking to do any hardcore off-roading, so it's better left to one of the complete systems, but if you were...
  18. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    The shocks that come equipped on the Mojave unfortunately would not be long enough after installing a lift. That's the gray area with those Mojave's is that anybody looking to start modifying or building one has to decide if it's worth it for them to keep or remove the factory shocks. If you...