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  1. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Just picked up mine on Memorial Day.
  2. Whats the best color combo?

    Grrrr....SnazzBerry was the color I wanted, but it was no longer available. Punkin orange is dead, so I went with Sarge Green. Nice rig, BTW
  3. Adventure Rack Systems by MetalCloak

    This is awesome! Exactly what I have been looking for.
  4. JT Tube Doors: Ask, discuss, show, and tell.

    Agreed! The bags are one of the best door options on the market.
  5. Roof top rack to carry roof top tent

    Sorry for the late reply...I didn't get a notification. I want to use the Leitner system in conjunction with a over the cab roof top tent. I think using the Leitner system for a roof too tent defeats the purpose if the system. . .you can easily move the cross bars and load large items in the...
  6. Roof top rack to carry roof top tent

    I'm looking for a rooftop rack that is strong enough to carry a roof-top tent. I know that baja racks used to make a rack that wood swivel so you could take the freedom panels and top off. Do you know if there is a solution for the Gladiator? I'd like to have my tent over the cab instead of the...
  7. Bestop Gladiator Products

    Sweet. Thanks. I just checked like within a week and I don't think they were available.
  8. Bestop Gladiator Products

    Those are Element Doors on the JT? When will they be available for the JT?
  9. Bed mount for freedom tops?

    There should be a storage system for the tops and doors. I asked Leitner Designs if they would consider making mounts on their system and they were interested.
  10. What Jeep Gladiator aftermarket products would you like to see?

    I am looking at both an over the cab rack and the Leitner System. I've corresponded with the owner of Leitner and we talked about systems to hold the doors and freedom panels. I hope an over the cab rack gives enough clearance for the Leitner system.