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  1. 2020 rubicon front locker

    My 2020 Rubicon with just at 60k miles seems to no longer lock the front end. I tried it again today ND no joy. I know I've read about this issue, at least I think I know, but several searches and going thread by thread haven't enlightened me. Is this a common issue or am I just lucky...
  2. Decked with a Diamond Back cover?

    Does anyone have the combo with the decked system and a diamond back cover over it? Id like to get an idea how much space is between the decked lid and the inside of the Diamond Back. Im 99 % convinced that the decked system makes no sense for me, well maybe 91% because I cant git gas cans...
  3. New Mexico Cross bed tool box and tonneau

    I have an aluminum cross bed tool box modified to extend all the was to the bed floor with a rubber bottom. Included is an aluminum tonneau that covers the rest of the bed. Both are diamond tread aluminum and are in natural finish. Both could easily be raptor lined or other bed liner. The bed...
  4. New Mexico Molle bed panels

    Selling my rough country Molle bed panels. All three with hardware, lightly used and still in excellent condition. $250. I can be talked into delivering along i25 Corridor or various places in northern nm or Southern colo. Pics to follow
  5. Was it you? I 25 north of denverthis

    This morning about 730 north of Denver on i25 south bound near t he Berthoud turn off. Bright red with black graphics and a roll bar in the bed. I was northbound and saw your nice rig, tell me about the bed bar please
  6. Warn 8274?

    Has anyone mounted an iconic 8274 winch to either the ebay knock off factory or a Morris 4wd "Pritchett canyon" tubular front bumper? Cutting? Spacers? Thoughts? Why the 8274? A buddy rebuilt one for me and I'd really like to use it plus it's an outstanding unit Thanks
  7. New Mexico Sold: Rubicon take off front bumper and rock rajls

    I have: A plastic front Rubicon bumper with fog lights, $35. Set of two unmarred factory rock rails $100 A complete Rubicon factory suspension $250. I'm in northern NM near Santa fe, however I am happy to meet part way, within reason. Also, ill be traveling to colorado springs the weekend of...
  8. 37 BFG ATs

    Finally got some wheels and tires on this thing, 5th choice on wheels and 3rd on tires but oh well. Ended up with 37x12.5x17 BFG All Terrains on Black Rhino Recon wheels. First, the BFGs measure about 35.5" at 35 psi with the weight of the truck on them. Oh well The Recon wheels have more...
  9. New Mexico stock RUBICON carpeted floor mats

    have about 1000 miles on them, black, perfect condition but maybe dusty $50 for all 4 I will be heading to South Dakota next week so if you want them and are in the Rapid city area I can through them in and save shipping but I need to know before May 31
  10. New Mexico Rubicon PLASTIC bumper

    my 2020 rubicon plastic stock bumper with halogen lights but no wiring harness. perfect condition $75 can meet within a reasonable distance of Santa Fe NM if your serious
  11. New Mexico Sold: OEM Rubicon suspension

    Ive swapped my OE suspension for a MOPAR 2" in my 2020 gladiator and now would like to sell the stock stuff. Complete, 4 springs, 4 shocks, 2 control arms, 4 sway bar end links, etc all had about 10K miles when removed. Im in northern New Mexico and would be willing to meet somewhere within a...
  12. After the TSB

    Those of yall who have had the steering TSB done do you find the synergy brace still a good thing to have? Does it have any affect on the steering post TSB? thanks, mine goes in for the TSB on the 9th and just curious.
  13. Control arm bracket protection

    After yesterday's ride it's clear I need to do something to protect the control arm mounts for the rear control arms. Mine mounts took a beating Has anyone installed any protection for these parts? Made some? Suggestions? Thanks all
  14. ATF ??

    So I have been stocking my spare on board fluids box and had assumed my usual Mobil 1 synthetic was ok. In doing a query today the only thing I find as recommended is Mopar 8 and 9 SPD ATF... at $27 a quart! Really? Why?
  15. 4vs 5

    I'm ready to order wheels and tires, I've always run a same size matching spare on my jeeps, but not always on my trucks... this ti.e if I go 5 I need to do 5 wheels too and another tire pressure sensor I presume? I rotate with oil changes. 4 is 20 min, 5 will be longer... is there an issue...
  16. sport cage install

    Im not sure im in the right forum for this, if not my apologies. im thinking about adding the rockhard 4x4 sport cage kit before a planned long 4x4 trip through Utah and was wondering if anyone has installed one yet? Specifically, can the front be done by just removing the T tops or does the...
  17. Crappity crap crap!

    I hate being stupid but it is my one true gift, apparently... ordered new custom PRP seat covers which came yesterday, I should have gone a shade darker but close enough and they look great!! I should have snapped after I ordered and had to go back and order the console cover to match, but no...
  18. I want to be like you when i get big

    Said the new kid to his older brother...
  19. Thoughts on a soft topper?

    I have always had a topper on my trucks, except for the scrambler, but dont think I want a semi permanent topper on the Gladiator, It appears there are two options the soft topper or the Bestop version. Anyone have any experience with either of them? are there others to consider? Thanks
  20. old trip report from a friend

    This is an old report a friend of mine wrote for our club newsletter at the time. I always enjoy reading it and hope yall do too. The 'rocklimo' referenced is the authors 83 Scrambler, 350, 700 R4, Atlas, Klune 4:1 box and the then Warn coilover conversion. Please let me know if y'all would...