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  1. Meltdown (sorry it repeated)

    I'm sure the insurance adjustor would agree. 🤔 +🖕= 🤣
  2. Possible legality issues with a stubby bumper

    Actually, it was an overdramatized, fictional account by a dubious author scripted for the big screen by an even more dubious author about events that may or may not have happened as described. Holding Oliver Stone as a purveyor of the truth makes about as much sense as going directly to an...
  3. Possible legality issues with a stubby bumper

    You must be a blast at parties. My advice for you regarding your bumper is to stop watching Midnight Express.
  4. O

    Did I mention boobs?
  5. O

    Knew a friend who had a colleague that taught at Cal State Fullerton who had her in his class. She jokingly asked him what grade she'd get for sleeping with the teacher. He didn't know how to answer and went on to continually complain about her being a distraction. Teacher was eventually run...
  6. What was your ride before the JT?

    Full size 2005 Tundra. Bulletproof with zero personality. Ooh, I may have come up with Toyota's next ad campaign.
  7. O

    The guy taking the pic has the start of a nice Burt Reynolds 'stache going.
  8. Dually JT - OlllllllO survived

    Lamba-genie-pana-wang? Saffah-bloo? Can I get a translation please, I'm afraid I'm a bit unversed in the language of retard-ese. No, you know what, no, nevermind, I don't want to know. Ooh, hey, look, there's a mute button! Well, at least one of my senses is fixed. On to the other one...
  9. O

    Best part about the pic is that it looks like the hood latch can't even believe what it's seeing.
  10. Best Approach to Prevent Hinge Rust

    This Chicago staple tastes like burnt Band-Aids and kerosene. It's readily available. These are all helpful in some way. Therefore, this will help. logics, neat. Think of it this way, it's like bringing a gun to a knife fight, except that the gun is attached to a very angry midget wearing a...
  11. O

    I was in the Claim Jumper on Beach Blvd. at the bar watching all this on the TV. The reporter announced that the chase had moved from the 5 onto the 91. Everyone at once turned their heads to look out the entrance to see a swarm of hilos buzzing over the freeway a block away. Everyone was...
  12. O

    Wouldn't that be poetic for OP to land on the 1000th comment? Just sayin', big fan of irony out here.
  13. Please Introduce 392 Hemi Gladiator

    I'd be fine with the 5.7L so long as I don't have to remortgage the house.
  14. 2024 Tacoma (4th gen) prototype breaks cover 📸

    Are those lawnmower wheels? Proportions suck.
  15. Electric Chainsaw - Amazon Sale - 10/6/21

    True. But I live up in the Ponderosas, so a tree blocking the trail might have a 30" diameter. I'm thinking practicality purposes, one saw covers them all. And considering that the 362 weighs 13 pounds, it's not much of a concern load-wise to bring it along every time. But I also have eight...
  16. Electric Chainsaw - Amazon Sale - 10/6/21

    Phooey! Stihl 362 with a 25" bar. Yeah, it'll set you back $800, and the mileage absolutely sucks, but there is no tree on this planet that this mofo can't handle. I also burn firewood throughout winter (2-3 cords oak and juniper), so the investment is worth it. I've also worked on these...
  17. O

    EGADS! She turned into Chaka! Please let it be the lighting, please let it be the lighting, please let it be the lighting.
  18. Stickers and decal pics!

    Yeah, I know I'm a nerd. so what.
  19. O

    Damn. That one hits below the belt.