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  1. 35/11.50-17 on stock sport S wheels w/2.5 inch lift

    I buy my tires on eBay here is a link for 4 for 1400. I got 4 for 1100 in august. But things are getting expensive. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303936195388
  2. 35/11.50-17 on stock sport S wheels w/2.5 inch lift

    Here is a link https://tiresize.com/tires/Goodyear/Wrangler-MTR-with-Kevlar-275-80R17.htm
  3. 35/11.50-17 on stock sport S wheels w/2.5 inch lift

    Yes I run a 1,.5 inch spacer with 275 80r17 = 35x10.8r17. I have a max tow with rubicon wheels. I have ran it hard thru the desert, no rubbing at all.
  4. What generator for a travel trailer and dry camping?

    I have a 13k btu air conditioner on a tt. I got a pulsar 4500w generator for $800. Pros: super quiet with a normal load, surprisingly quiet with the microwave and air conditioner, Remote start (nice for cold mornings), good rubber wheels and sturdy handle and it can be put in parallel with...
  5. Kanti 37" tires - feedback?

    I have ran trail hogs on another vehicle. They are made by GBC. I really liked them, i got 40k out of them. They are great in snow and on the rocks. If I could get them in a narrow 35 I would buy them again. If you are really interested I did a full review and pictures. Google Fj and trail hogs
  6. 2021 King of the Hammers

    King of Hammers is the off road event. I put it up there in the pantheon of racing events with the likes of Daytona week, Le Mans, Baja, and the Enduropale du Touquet. Its more than just a race, it’s burning man for off road enthusiasts like us. Just think, 60k out in the desert to watch a...
  7. Eco diesel or max tow

    What kind of mpg did you get? Was it towed in flats or hills? I averaged 6-8 in the mountains and 8-10 on flat pulls. Just curious.
  8. Eco diesel or max tow

    I cannot help you with the diesel part . I can offer some towing advice with a max tow. I just bought a man cave toy hauler. It weighs 4000k +change. I put about 1000lbs in quads and another 200 or 300 lbs in food and clothing and 60 gallons of water. I towed from Sacramento to Fallon NV with a...
  9. Spare tire worth the upgrade?

    If you off road and don’t upgrade the spare you are setting yourself up to get stranded somewhere. I upgraded my tires to 35s and I bought a cheap kenda klever as my full time spare. If you don’t off road and use a smaller spare you need to put the spare on a passive axle not the drive axle. The...
  10. So, what is everybody towing?

    My wife and I just picked up a 16ft toyhauler. We are taking the gladiator and my ATVs to Sand Mountain NV this weekend.
  11. Does a a 1.5” Spacer lift affect steering.

    So i took most of the advice on the thread and went with teraflex 1 1/2 spacer lift with terra flex progressive bump stops., and Mopar extended lower control arms. Perfect solution for my rubbing. Installation was very simple. I also bought the 3/4 inch rear spacers but I like the stance...
  12. 275/80R17 (35x11) Pictures Anyone??

    No complaints I have towed 4K and taken them out to desert for some high speed stuff. At about 50 or 60 I did have rubbing on the top of the fender well. I am installing a 1.5 inch lift with some bump stops and it will rub no longer. No rubbing as far as daily driving just when you try to treat...
  13. 275/80R17 (35x11) Pictures Anyone??

    Here you go MTRs 275x80r17 no lift, on a 2020 sport max tow. The first pic is next to a Jeep on 37s and the last pic is next to a 285x75r17 ridge grappler.
  14. Need advice - Best "upgraded" tire size on stock Sport S rims?

    2020 sport S max tow. I have a 275x80r17 Goodyear MTRs. It’s a 34.6”x10.8” and it fits a 7.5 inch rim. I have no lift. The Jeep jl in the second pic has 37s for comparison.
  15. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Love the vodoo blue.
  16. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    This weekend I towed some of my off-road toys to Sand Mountain NV for the first time. All I can say it was night and different than my FJ that used to tow that load.