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  1. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    Whats up?! Where do we go adventuring around here? Haha
  2. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    looks awesome! Followed.
  3. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    This weekend’s project!
  4. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    Took the boys camping into PA and MD this weekend. Super primitive for night one, then a fun wagon cabin at KOA for the pool and experience. Learned a lot in our first outing.
  5. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    Right?! So much history from that expedition. My grandfather gave me a copy of Undaunted Courage and inspired the idea. I was going to bite off the Pan American Highway as the first marquee event, but my kids have some significant food allergies so I'm going to do an easy one first.
  6. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    Same! I bought the 1Up after running a Yakima bed rack setup on my Frontier before moving to Japan. My neighbor had 1Up and made me a believer. They should give him a commission.
  7. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    That looks sick! What size shoes are you running? What front bumper? I need to go full-width front bumper and tires need to be within the fenders for international travel. Maybe I do a North America build, THEN move to international....hah
  8. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    Been a bit since an update. Took the family to the Outer Banks, NC for our first break since moving back to the States. The boys and I installed the Vector E-Dock for their iPads in the back seat. It was a total success for the entire trip as the boys switched between their e-readers and...
  9. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    Sorry, been slammed at work. Think the attachment points would be good for carbon fiber road bikes? I like the upright position, but am concerned with the contact points
  10. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    thanks! How’s the wedge camper going to fit on a softtopper? Or is that the brand as opposed to a style? Curious about weight, etc.
  11. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    SmartCap finally arrived after a 3 month wait. Boys and I assembled and installed in 4 hours. Stoked to have some secure storage and our RTT platform. In other news, our stuff arrived from Japan, so it’s time to start looking for camping weekends!
  12. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    My oldest helped me install the Anvil Overland Dash Bar and 1Up bike rack. Really looking forward to the Smart Cap to arrive so we can install together.
  13. Korisu Build ('22 JTR)

    My boys (10 and 8) and I just bought our 2022 JTR after returning from living in Japan. Going to take the next few years to build and prepare for retracing the Lewis & Clark Trail. Vision. Build with my boys (11 and 8) for big trips to teach them how to dream big and start small. Dream...