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  1. Dash Mount - Bulletpoint, RAM Mount, Something Else?

  2. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    2 unicorns - Gator JT’s in the Seacoast area - at the Thunder over NH air show.
  3. Advice on Torquing to spec?

    While you are Emptying Every Pocket - get the HF Badlands off road floor jack and some Race Ramps Wheel Cribs
  4. Changing battery- anything weird?

    Glad they finally put a banned aid on that!
  5. Mattress for bed of JT?

    I like this cot - https://www.camptime.com/collections/cots/products/green-table-with-adjustable-legs packs up compactly, sets up with a firm top, has a sleeve to hold a sleeping pad of your choice. Room for storage underneath and room to sit up in the tent and still keep tools and whatnot...
  6. Permanent mount battery tender

    Attach a length of paracord to the charger adaptor and anchor it to the wall - it should disconnect without any damage if you pull out with it still attached… provided you are not backing out!
  7. Kinda Cannonball – NY to San Diego in 6 stops

    I suggest the first leg of your trip should be flying your buddy to NY if he is up to it, so you can make this the epic trip he deserves!
  8. Retro "Embossed" Jeep Tailgate Badge Installed

    How close in color to gator is the tailgate overlay? That is a nice contrast to the Sarge green.
  9. Bestop SunScreen: JL / JT Sunshade for Sunrider for Hardtop released!

    The retractable shade allows easier operation of the sun rider from the drivers seat, which many sunshades do not.
  10. First time ever replacing pads and rotors. Did not go well...

    Is that the new TSB bolt p/n 06513551AA, or just a new replacement bolt?
  11. Bestop SunScreen: JL / JT Sunshade for Sunrider for Hardtop released!

    Nice - please post a video of how it performs on the highway. thx!
  12. Key Fob akin to Ridge keychain

    Link here : https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/smaller-key-fob-3d-print.70929/
  13. Had Steering Box TSB Done And Now I Hate My Gladiator

    You might want to check you got the correct box for your vehicle - there are 3 versions and there were several reports of dealers installing the wrong one . the TSB lists three distinct steering gear! One for the 4 door JL, one for the 2 door JL and another only for the JT. As well as required...
  14. Love Centerforce now. The new clutch is working great. Please Help. 2.5 weeks without my JT---F#$%ing Centerforce!

    I installed the pedal spring from ACT and it made a welcome difference in operating the clutch. it does not improve the actual clutch but it makes. It easier to feel the engagement point. https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/jt-jl-clutch-and-flywheel-explained-by-act.68758/post-1144431
  15. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Have not seen that tailgate mirror before - does it work with the tailgate in the mid position?
  16. EZ Flate… anyone bought and using?

    What tire are you running - 33 x 10.5?
  17. OEM Gladiator Steel Wheels

    What caps did you use for the steel wheels?
  18. JT/JL Clutch and Flywheel explained by ACT

    i installed the lighter spring this afternoon and it was relatively easy, no contortions needed. Just depress the clutch, kneel at the drivers door, reach in with right hand along the driver side between clutch and side wall, pop the plastic saddle off the attachment bar at the bottom and it...
  19. Mopar Steel Front Bumper Ebay

    looks good! 2 cans of liner _ how many coats?