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  1. Hooke road vs oedro

    Considering front bumper by either Hooke Road or Oerdo. Does anyone have any experience with either company that they'd be willing to share?
  2. Rough Country heavy duty sliders review

    Definitely looking at adding these. One of my boys got me a couple of strings of led lights for the bed, not realizing there are bed lights. Now I know what to do with them.
  3. Rough Country heavy duty sliders review

    It's been awhile since I've been on here. Details on how you did the lights please. That looks awesome. Can you do a pic at night?
  4. Patagonia XT's

    I had mine installed right before Christmas, in a mild snow. They did fine for 3" of Kansas snow. Sorry for the late reply.
  5. Fender mods that aren't permanent

    Are there any fender mods that aren't permanent? I'm trying to decide which way to go, but all the mods seem like it's a permanent change.
  6. Patagonia XT's

    Slightly better pic.
  7. Patagonia XT's

    Lemme see if I can get a better pic. Shout out to Dustin at Discount Tire in Belton, MO. He did a great job on the install and threw on the set of black lug nuts to replace the hideous factory ones.
  8. Patagonia XT's

    Crappy pic, it's cold as a witch's.... Better leave it at that. 3 day review, the only complaint is that the wife is struggling to get in and out 😂
  9. Patagonia XT's

    Just had 37 Patagonia XT's installed yesterday. So far, love 'em. They ride smooth & quiet. The only down side (if you want to call it that) is that it's going to really tough for the wife to get in now! Pics to follow, as soon as the wind chill isn't -30 below.
  10. BFG KO/2 Daresnd $88

    There's been a couple of posts about the Pats. I agree, the site looks questionable. But they also have some Pro Comps for $88.97! Limit 2.
  11. BFG KO/2 Daresnd $88

    And don't hit me w/ that free candy. Some of y'all buying Patagonias for $122. Jk. I checked a couple of scam detecting websites, and they said "seems legit". But one never knows.
  12. BFG KO/2 Daresnd $88

    Here ya go. Bonus free recipe above. https://www.daresnd.com/bfgoodrich-all-terrain-t-a-ko2-all-season-37x1250r17-c-116s-tire
  13. BFG KO/2 Daresnd $88

    Damn it! Hang on...
  14. BFG KO/2 Daresnd $88

    37x12.5x17 on sale for $88?! Can't be true. Anyone shop there?

    Which one is easier to use? I don't want to have to jump through a bunch of hoops, or wire a bunch of things. I just want to change my tire size, and maybe, my lights from halogen to led, and that's about it. So which one is easier to use?
  16. RC 2.5 inch install help

    Ok, here are some pics. Only after, I don't have any before pics on this phone.
  17. Sway bar disconnect question

    So interesting to read all of the opinions here. I was super hesitant to just to do the 2.5" lift. Suspension stuff scares me. Almost, but not quite as much as electrical. I highly doubt I'd attempt any suspension change myself on the 'stang, but the jeep was, looking back at it, so easy. And...
  18. Sway bar disconnect question

    Thanks @dcmdon for the detailed explanation. I was just curious as to why people didn't just pull the sway, or anti sway bar. Now I know. I guess it didn't seem like a huge deal in the Ranger as it was not capable of high speed maneuvers. It needed a big hill and tail wind to hit 80 mph...
  19. RC 2.5 inch install help

    Agreed. I should be beaten about the head and shoulders. I beg forgiveness and mercy. I'll post some pics this afternoon.