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  1. For Sale, Lightly Modded Gladiator

    looks like the entire isle four at the local Autozone is empty.
  2. Gearing.. How much of a seat-of-the-pants difference does it really make?

    That is some genius level shit right there. any equations like that for the 6 speed manual with gearing up?
  3. Remote start for Manual Transmission

    so no one has pulled this off yet? has to be somebody that has at least tried?
  4. Rear Axle Problems - Sport with LSD

    i'm going to keep an eye on this thread. I just picked mine up on Saturday and the first thing i said to my wife was "wow that makes some alarming noises between first and second" manual sport s with lsd
  5. What did you REPAIR on your Gladiator today?

    nothing like hitting a deer while your bumper is covered in Christmas 👍 lights
  6. Black rims deleted with cold weather package?

    i had the same thing happen to me. but i'm not so sure if it is the cold weather package causing it. i think all 2022 sport s packages come with the fat five spoke silver wheels now. i read an article about it a couple weeks after i ordered. once i saw my build sheet and it confirmed it i...
  7. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    thanks! they are +12 also. ill dm you the link.
  8. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    yeah they are aftermarket. rocktix off amazon. i ran right home and threw them on in the rain haha. wanted to keep the miles off the originals so i can sell them. yeah its a sport s with no max tow. i would have gone for the wider axles but they wouldnt do it with stick. just 33's. i want to...
  9. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    well ladies, gentlmen and other... i've crossed over to the other side.
  10. Manual transmission question

    unfortunately there are a million things that could have caused that to happen on your previous rig. i've driven standard all my life and this has only (almost) happened on one vehicle. mine started making a little noise at different levels of clutch engagement. eventually got worse. i was able...
  11. Bent Frame - Part Deux

    not to be a dick, but i imagine posts like this (although very entertaining) are why the last thread got deleted. there is a lot of good feedback, and more importantly, good questions from people trying to help you figure this out. this is your only response? i'm genuinly interested in what the...
  12. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    well the verdict is in. i cant go get mine until next week sometime. they haven't gotten the title yet apparently... they don't expect to see it till next Monday or Thursday for some reason.
  13. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    hahaha you win! well earned. you've done so much for all of us on this forum. I'm glad you're one of the first.
  14. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    delivered at 2:39 this morning. they are "looking for paperwork" then they will give me a ballpark on how long it'll take them to prep it. apparently it drove through the Serengeti to get here or something...
  15. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    HOLD THE PHONE. i thought this picture was you picking it up! the race is on, sir. haha
  16. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    I'll join you in Elysium soon my brother! one way or another that truck is coming home with me haha
  17. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    congrats! so happy for you!
  18. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    thanks! that would probably be equivalent to vehicle blue balls.
  19. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    thank god for jeep chat. they told me this morning that my truck was delivered yesterday. no word from the dealer. so i called them. " oh yeah we got that yesterday. we'll look for the title then call you and give you a ballpark on how many days until it is prepped for pickup" you've got to be...
  20. MY22 Only - Anyone moved to D1?

    I'm on a truck in route to the dealer! apparently it left there on 12/3 so it really should land any day! gimmeegimmeegimmee