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  1. Metal* Molle Panels for Rear Ceiling?

    I concur. It really should have two main support rails. It also looks like it just sits on top of the roll bars and is secured with two straps on each end. I cannot tell for sure so I reached out to them. Just not sure how I feel about the price point considering the sagging concerns.
  2. Metal* Molle Panels for Rear Ceiling?

    That price is a bit much, but it definitely is a metal panel. Do you have this? I am curious how it handles weight.
  3. Metal* Molle Panels for Rear Ceiling?

    My thoughts exactly! Molle is so versatile. I could mount boxes there, coat hangers, just anything!!’
  4. Metal* Molle Panels for Rear Ceiling?

    I have found molle labels that attach to the ceiling in the front, but cannot find any for the rear. Do they not exist for some reason? A rear, ceiling molle panel would be great for versatility, and to keep things out of reach of the gremlins!
  5. Rugged Ridge Venator - End Cap Lights

    Saw this on a F-150 Raptor and made me wonder... Has anyone installed lights in the end caps of the Venator Bumper? If the angle is right, you could use these as lower mounted ditch light?
  6. OEM LED Headlight color Temp?

    I cannot find the color temperature of the stock LED Headlights/fog lights anywhere. I am really OCD about lights being different temperatures of white, and I am looking to add some other lights. Short of playing guess and check, does anyone know/have a reference for the light temperature?
  7. Has anyone modified their Rock Rails by welding on step bars (like this)?

    Any chance you posted a write-up? I understand the basics of what you used, but would love a diagram/details spec of everything. I don’t have any experience working with metal, but if o has a plan, I believe I would get it done with someone. What material/product did you use for the steps...
  8. Has anyone modified their Rock Rails by welding on step bars (like this)?

    Did you do this yourself or have it done? I need to pay someone, this is great!
  9. Why can’t I…Understanding the bed light circuit

    I have a hand drawn wiring diagram of exactly this setup! I would imagine you bought the Oracle Wiring Harness separate from the backup lights? I believe the harness that comes with the lights makes the lights have the black twist on plugs (at least that is what their website shows). I am...
  10. Why can’t I…Understanding the bed light circuit

    As a conceptual learner, I appreciate what you are saying about building on the basics and evolving. I am an analytical person, working in what many perceive as a very educated field, but I would not trust most of them to wire a basic house-hold circuit. For me, I try to "check myself" by...
  11. Why can’t I…Understanding the bed light circuit

    Well, there is a lot I need to learn about-vehicle electrical systems! Any good book or reference information? I found Tony Candela’s Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems online, and that seems like it would be a good starting point, but curious as to your thoughts? I would rather start...
  12. iphone car mount

    A few things: 1. Heat and battery. Not sure where you live, but I would be concerned about the heat in places like Florida causing this thing it boil in the summer. Beyond that, the battery life will likely be reduced. 2. Have you tried to connect the usb while on the charger? I am...
  13. Why can’t I…Understanding the bed light circuit

    In full disclosure, I have wired simple and complex house circuits, but have never wired anything on a vehicle. I have read the circuit going to the bed led lights is 30A, which is kind of mind boggling as there is no way these lights draw this much power. Even being liberal, at 5A per light...
  14. iphone car mount

    This might be more than anyone cares to know, but.... First, that is not an actual picture of the 8.4 uConnect. Bad sources = bad information, but I found the correct information! Found this further into the rabbit hole of the JL Forums. The Micro USB Port attached to the media hub via...
  15. iphone car mount

    I found this diagram on a JL forum. Not sure it’s accurate, but if it is, 1 and 2 are actually usb connectors somewhere behind the head unit. The assumption is 1 goes to the media hub and 2 to the single port inside the center console. If the console port is separate from the charging usb-c...
  16. Behind Dash USB Media Split

    Has anyone found a way to split the USB ports behind the dash? the intent is torun A usb-c port to the top console to allow Apple CarPlay connectivity without needing a cable constantly plugged into the front of the media port. OCD - YES, I know, but still want to do it. I have no pulled the...
  17. iphone car mount

    I wish there was a way to split the usb-c in the back and run the cable completely back there. It would be a lot cleaner!
  18. iphone car mount

    So..hole drilled through plastic under mat (not through the mat itself) then pulled the panel (you mean the hole from dash??) off and ran it...
  19. iphone car mount

    How did you run the cable? It looks pretty clean!