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  1. Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping.

    There he is.............I spent several months away from this forum and I knew I could find this fucker in about 2 minutes, he has no life
  2. RPMs limited in 4L reverse?

    Forward, reverse, the RPMs are the limiting factor of the planetary gears. No the quote is not from Jeep, but the principle is the same. Someone posted a paragraph from the manual alluding to the situation. Not sure if there is any mention of a rev limit, but it is pretty obvious by now there...
  3. RPMs limited in 4L reverse?

    Really? I guess my point is proven beyond any reasonable doubt, sheesh does anything ever sink into your dense skull? "Because of the additional gear reduction when in low range, engine RPMs should be kept under 2500 (remember the planetary is turning at 4 times that rate 2,500 x 4.0 = 10,000...
  4. RPMs limited in 4L reverse?

    No, it's apparent you just want attention. There are lots of people to give it on this sight, even some commies believe it or not.
  5. RPMs limited in 4L reverse?

    I think it has been answered, and you ae a manchild.
  6. RPMs limited in 4L reverse?

    "Because of the additional gear reduction when in low range, engine RPMs should be kept under 2500 (remember the planetary is turning at 4 times that rate 2,500 x 4.0 = 10,000 RPM). Severe transfer case damage can occur if this RPM warning is not observed "
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    Wheel Offset Calculator https://www.quadratec.com/categories/jeep-tires https://www.northridge4x4.com/scp/wheels-and-tires
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    I'm guessing it's not ok to say "F China" Warning for DankjeeP Given by Moderation Staff 40 minutes ago Details of warning Disrespectful/insulting behavior and NO POLITICS. Warning points 1 Funny thing is they don't say what comment was the issue. Oh well, free speech and all that.... I'm...
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    I feel very sorry for your son. Living in China is no walk in the park. Get your social credit score up to par, do something worthy of the party. The sad thing is people living there are forced to say they love it or else they disappear. What a life. Don't EVEN conflate China with Hong Kong...
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    Your base desire is to be an asshole as you obviously are prorating. But you need to tone it down my man
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    I already found out. Here is what I got so far in Cantonese If you want a glass of ice water you can say yat boy bing soya if you want good service say lang loi
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    You suck. My Cantonese sucks
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    fuck all that lets rock
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    Let's get things back on track...
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    Yes Gweilo .... my wifes family calls me such, it means ghost man. She is from Hong Kong. I feel a little foolish now, because we get your logo now for what it is. A lot of posers out there you can imagine. Please accept my apologies kong hey fa chow.
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    Keep telling yourself that ... it's not what you think it is. Go back to your basement and try again.
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    Wow, cool friends. My friends call me by my first name, how boring. Now I go by 外人 or 鬼佬
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    It's ok, she can read all that shit lol. Wanderer and Killer? hmm
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    I'm about to ask my wife what this means 浪人 - 殺し屋