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  1. Anyone else getting a squealing every time you drive?

    It's been something that has been driving me nuts for a little over a month now. I took it in for service and they said they weren't able to reproduce the sound...which is odd. Anytime it sits for over a few minutes the right side of the vehicle just squeals for a few minutes like a brake...
  2. Colorado Sold: CURT Echo Mobile Electric Trailer Brake Controller

    Picked up a CURT Echo Mobile Electric Trailer Brake Controller a few months ago thinking I was going to get a trailer or an RV...did not happen. Since we are moving in to a new home, I won't be buying a camper any time soon. Looking to sell my CURT Echo Mobile Electric Trailer Brake...
  3. SOLD - Colorado Springs Area - Selling my Rubicon JT wheels and Tires, TPMS included $900

    Found another set that I want to pick up, looking to sell my JT Rubicon wheels and tires. They have about 9K miles on the tires. Wheels and tires are in great shape, no curbing, has only been off the streets for a total of about 40 miles. Spare is included and has never been used. Price is...
  4. Colorado Springs - Hopping Weekend for Gladiators!

    I was out and about all weekend checking out the Parade of Homes and wow, the number of Gladiators has really grown in the last few months. Especially when it comes to the customized ones. I think I saw about 11 or so including @WarRaveyn only knew it was him because of the stickers on the...
  5. Sold - Colorado Springs Area - Selling off some parts

    I am either going to be trading up to a different JT or getting a different truck all together. Selling off my JTR Wheels and Tires with Spare - Total miles on Wheels and Tires are around 4500/5k miles. Spare has never been on the ground. Includes TPMS. Wheels and Tires will be off the...
  6. Swap Hoods? Mojave Hood vs Rubicon hood vs Overland Hood

    Was wondering if it's possible to swap hoods? I have heard mixed messages on this...especially when it comes to the Mojave hood. I just had a bad hail storm and would be interested in upgrading the Overland hood to either a Rubicon or Mojave hood. Can you clear the air?
  7. Colorado Sold: oEdRo Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

    Unbelievable as it sounds I am finally getting my ACE Upper Decker. With that being said, I am selling my Tonneau Cover. I have had it since December. Still in fantastic shape. $140 obo https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G2RCFJ3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Colorado JT Overland Wheels and tires - $600 obo

    Have a set of JT Overland wheels and factory spare. Tires have 6023 miles on the factory Duelers. Spare has not been driven on. Bolt pattern is 5x5 and should fit just about any jeep with the same bolt pattern. Tires are 255/70 18. Tpms included. Looking for $600 or best offer.
  9. For Sale: Stock Overland Wheels, Tires, and TPMS $650 obo

    Picked up a set of Rubicon Wheels and tires, so the Overland set has to go. Tires have 6K miles on them. Wheels are in spectacular shape. Looking for $650 or best offer. Colorado Springs area.
  10. Looking for Jeep Crates Colorado Area

    I am looking for about 4 jeep crates if people don't want to hold on to them. If you are in Colorado and don't want them, let me know.
  11. Apparently I wanted one long before I knew I wanted one...

    I was cleaning up my google photos today... and I came across this photo from May 14, 2019... I didn't even really look at them till early November. I don't know if this is the exact one I bought...but I did buy a black Overland. Just thought it was a cool find.
  12. Not a Gladiator...but I would have loved this!

  13. 0 offset pics?

    I know there are a ton of threads on wheels and offsets already, I am hoping to see if there are just a couple of quick pics I could get showing 8-10 inch wide wheels with 0 offset so I can get an idea of how much they come past the fenders. Been eyeballing a set of wheels but get the feeling...
  14. Ok...didn't want to bring this up...

    I didn't want to bring it up because some of you will notice it and never be able to not see it again. Or...I am hoping it's a slight manufacturing defect and it's only on mine... When driving with the lights on...The dash cluster lights up very well. Buuuut...the speedomenter has a spot when...
  15. 20 inch wheels with 33's or 35's?

    I really haven't decided what I want to do about wheels and tires...but the Jeep community is one of the most intriguing groups I have kind of enveloped myself in to...I did a lot of researching online and I see a lot of people tend to typically stick with either 17-18" wheels or they go crazy...
  16. Serious question from a first time Jeep Owner

    I have always been a big time customizer of all my vehicles. People have come to expect me to take something and give it my own twist. This has made me really appreciate all kinds of builds...from budget backyard builds to even "Pimp your ride" builds. This is why the Gladiator really...
  17. I am officially one of you now!

    I had every intention of waiting till after the new year before buying myself another toy...well I made the mistake of joining this forum a we weeks ago and I just couldn't stand it any longer! I went to the dealership yesterday and picked up a nice little Overland Edition. My kiddo approves!