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  1. Consumer Reports recommends the Gladiator.

    Why only the Gladiator and not also the Wrangler? https://www.motorbiscuit.com/consumer-reports-recommends-jeep-model/
  2. Took delivery of the first Gecko Green Gladiator!…. Hot Wheels

    Sorry, had to do it. But I am excited to see one in person.
  3. Soft top window storage tip.

    So in case anyone with a Soft top wanted a way to store the rear window without having to place it in the bed when driving around. I bought some waterproof material and had it made into a sleeve to prevent scratches. (Walmart was out of black waterproof fabric) Then I just store the window in...
  4. Close your soft top without getting up from your seat.

    Anyone with a soft top can probably relate that there are times you want to close the top without having to pull over or get up from the driver's seat. I've been thinking of different ways and came up with some ideas as complex as 12v mini linear actuators to what I did today. (Cheap and easy)...
  5. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    Got my module Installed and works as described. Big thanks to @calipoontappa for finding this product and knowing the correct wiring color code. Here is how I installed the module. Starting with a pry tool. Pry off HVAC control unit. Next unplug the wire harness from the HVAC and start/stop...
  6. Lego Jeep

    Bought a Lego Jeep Wrangler soon to be modified into a Gladiator. Need to purchase longer pieces. Probably going to be harder to build then installing my lift kit. Lol
  7. Seems CB radios are out and GMRS radios are in.

  8. What would you do?

    So this happened to me yesterday. I was in a hardware store parking lot sitting and making sure I got everything I needed for a project. All of a sudden my truck shook. I looked up to see a middle aged guy (55 years old I’m guessing) walking by my front bumper. This guy kicked my truck tire. I...
  9. So had a bit of a pucker moment today.

    Just curious but does anyone know the limits on body roll in degrees that we should start worrying? Was out wheeling today with my son when I took a bad line on the last obstacle before going home. Truck went from 20 degrees to 24 degrees roll. I stopped then inched a foot more when the truck...
  10. Finally got my new shoes.

    After waiting two months my new wheels finally came in. Dirty Life 9303 DT-1 I added the real beadlocker ring instead of the simulated ring. Tires are 35x12.50R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers. Speedo is still off, trying to figure out what number works using Tazer mini. Also any suggestions on getting...
  11. Has anyone done the Rubicon Trail? I have a question.

    Was planning on doing the Rubicon trail this year but my tent and wheels haven’t come in yet. So to better prepared myself. I’m looking for advise. Will my JTR with a 3.5 inch lift on 35 inch tires make it through ok? I have full skid plates, 12000 Warn Zeon winch, snatch blocks, Radflo Hydra...
  12. California Sold: Rain Gear rain cover

    I have a Rain Gear rain cover for sale. Excellent condition used only 4 time never actually been in rain. Because California it never rains. Lol. Anyways its the version that includes space for a lightbar. You can still use it without a lightbar just has extra material. Asking $145 shipped.
  13. Norcal fires.

    These fires in California are unreal. This photo is from 1:00pm pst. This usually is the amount of light we have at 1:00am pst.
  14. How loud is the soft top?

    I have a hardtop which I added the Bestop Sunrider on. I now know how loud it can get on the highway. I can live with it, but was wondering how loud the full soft top gets. Or is it the same amount of noise as the Bestop Sunrider.
  15. Found a new way to pick tomatoes.

    Just drive over them.
  16. JScan vs Tazer Mini

    What are the differences and is one better then the other?
  17. Front and rear differential skid plates that don’t bolt to differential cover.

    Anyone know of any differential skid plates that don’t utilize the differential cover bolts. I bought ARB differential covers and Rancho Differential glide plates, well the skid plates wont work with the ARB covers because of the thickness of the covers. So unless I machine down the ARB covers...