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  1. Selectable Tire Fill Alert

    Please keep the posts friendly everyone
  2. Official Gladiator Measurements Thread

    Measurement between the wheel wells is 44.8" per the spec sheet.
  3. Jeep wave-back question

    My wife forgot she was in her SUV and waved at a Jeep out of habit and they gave us a rather confused look. We got a good laugh out of it but she is a Jeep girl through and through so she gets the wave. Time to educate the masses!
  4. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    Could not agree more!
  5. Fun Article on Developing Punk'n Orange

    Pretty interesting to read the backstory on the color. My wife is a huge fan of it and in certain lighting conditions I guess I am as well. I was hoping we would see a burnt orange as a second option to Punk'n.
  6. JcrOffroad

    Loved my Crusader and Vanguard bumpers and skids on my JK. Saved my weekend several times and the fit and finish are top notch. Highly recommended!
  7. f150 size vs Gladiator

    Very good points. My wife and I have been discussing a truck camper for several years now and one of the reasons we want a truck. If you want a basic truck there are a ton of options but when you are looking for something with some off road chops and decent payload/towing the options get much...
  8. Apparently Gladiator competition is coming.... Ford Bronco Pickup

    Competition is a very good thing. The Bronco should make the marketplace a bit more diverse and competitive and hopefully we all benefit from it.
  9. FCA factory video...??

    The 2019 Rebel's are absolutely stunning. I have toyed around the with the idea of getting my hands on one. Graphics package looks pretty good as well.
  10. Who sold their white rubicon for a gladiator?

    This thread made my day! Awesome seeing the connection here.
  11. About factory colors....

    The Gladiator is certainly not a Wrangler in every way except the model name. They are two very different vehicles that happen to share some commonality in components, but painting the Gladiator with a broad brush like that is misleading. So being as they are two different models it makes sense...
  12. New Wheels and Tires - TPMS question

    Price is pretty dependent on the shop itself, but you will incur a charge for having them remove the TPMS from the old wheels and swap them over to the new wheels. It is a simple process and any shop should be plenty familiar with the process but be sure to inform them before showing up for the...
  13. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    We're waiting :computerrage:
  14. Sport S LED Lighting Package Coming?

    This is correct. The Overland and Rubicon models can be optioned with the Premium LED Lighting Group where the Sport S can only receive LED taillights through the Jeep Active Safety Group. Worth noting, the Jeep Active Safety Group is not available on the base Sport. I think the LED group not...
  15. Halogen bulb replacement

    I follow you on the Tube. Glad to see you are on here! Thanks for the video.
  16. JCR Classic Rock Sliders Installed Today

    I had JCR front and rear bumpers on my last JK and the quality and fit/finish were top notch. I will likely go with AEV this time around on the JT but JCR is a close second choice for me. Looks great!
  17. Warn bull bar

    No, there is nowhere to attach the bar to on the standard gladiator bumper. Plus it is a molded plastic piece bolted to a crash bar so it would not serve much of a purpose bolted to plastic.
  18. Smoky Mountain Overland Build

    I am holding out for a Hydro Blue Sport S with Max Tow myself. What are your plans? Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  19. Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition 100k Winner

    Congratulations @aston44me. Love the video of you and your wife discussing your passion for Jeep's and off-roading. Well deserved and we here at Jeep Gladiator Forum are looking forward to the adventure and trip reports! If you have not done so yet be sure to create a build journal over in the...
  20. Which Gear Shifter Logo do you have?

    It appears the ones with the Willy's logo identical to the JL Wranglers were pre-production vehicles and the final release versions are getting the truck specific shift knob inlays. As for the AUTO text I do wonder if they decided to silently remove it as many JL owners have complained about the...