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  1. Disconnecting ESS AUX Battery to use as a backup

    I searched for this but didn’t find anything specific to the JT. Apologies if I missed it and if it has already been answered, please link me to the answer :) I'm following this thread at JL Wrangler Forum. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/3-6l-ess-aux-battery-bypass.17293/...
  2. Tennessee WTB - Takeoff Rear Rubicon Bumper

    Looking for a takeoff rear bumper from a rubicon in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area. Please let me know what you have!
  3. Tennessee Free Overland Suspension in Nashville

    Before I throw this away, does anyone need any of the parts from an overland suspension? Located in Nashville. Free for pickup only :)
  4. Part Number of Rear Bumper passenger Side Tow Hook Panel?

    Does anyone know the part number for the passenger side rear plastic bumper tow hook panel? I want to add an additional black tow hook on the passenger side but I want the plastic panel to match the driver's side. Meaning that it’s already cut out. I've found this part number, 68341764AA. It’s...
  5. Tennessee Sold: Gladiator Stock Spare Tire

    Original 17 inch Jeep spare tire and rim, never used - $125 Open to trades. Local pickup only in the Nashville area please.
  6. Tennessee Sold: Overland Rims, Tires, and Carpet Floormats - RIMS and FLOORMATS SOLD

    RIMS SOLD - Overland takeoff rims for sale. 4 rims total. I’ll take $250 for the set. Not a scratch on them that I can see. No TPMS included. Stored in the box my Quadratec rims came in. TIRES SOLD - Original Overland Dueler HT tires for sale. 14,489 miles on them. Separated from the rims...
  7. Rubicon takeoff suspension in Nashville area

    Looking to purchase a Rubicon takeoff suspension in the Nashville area if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  8. K02 285/70r17 113Q vs 113S

    BFGoodrich K02 285/70r17 113Q vs 113S - So I realize the speed rating is the difference in these tires but how else does that affect the tire both on and off road? I’m likely never going over or really that close to 100 in my JT but we likely hit 85 with my wife driving:) I bought some new...
  9. Question about leveling kits

    I’ve noticed there are multiple 1.5 inch leveling kits available. Basically include a spring cup and shock mount extensions. I’ve noticed the 2 inch and over leveling kits include a lot more parts including longer sway bar mounts. My question is why would the 2 inch require these and the 1.5 not...
  10. Silver Mopar wheels released yet?

    Does anyone know if Mopar has released the wheels shown in the pic below? None of the options on the Mopar site have pics associated with them and a search here didn’t return anything.