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  1. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    Kudos to you for sticking with you vision and keeping us informed!
  2. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    Good thought; but I definitely would not mount with a spare, as you stated. Since it would not have a spare, would you be better off having similar mount with a larger cage? Like you stated; dirty/wet clothes, tents, rain fly, shoes, etc.; fire wood; hitch hikers that can't fit in the...
  3. If you could have Gladiator in any color you want...

    Really like gator, but another color that is similar I have only seen in Germany...I would call it a Bavarian green.
  4. Not Gladiator specific, but Jeep related

    Purchased a JK for my daughter as she is leaving to attend college. 1) she wanted it. 2) Fuel mileage sucks 3) Imagine she will use your child's car for road trips (refer to #2) 3) resale value when she graduates 4) Should provide better fender-bender-door protection in crowded college...
  5. Can the Bumper and Winch Cause Overheating? 3.0L EcoDiesel

    With the heavy front-end of the diesel, I would also be concerned about weight. Believe there is a thread on this website entitled the Definitive Front Bumper...would check it out. Know of at least two firms that offer aluminum bumpers Heftyfabworks, MPConcepts. But, I gotta tell you; I love...
  6. Retractable running boards

    I assume you did market research before purchasing. Why the Aries vs. RSE?
  7. Project "MOHAVEY"

    Yep. That's the reason I love this forum so much: Gain knowledge; others being honest about what they did that didn't work or what they would do differently; being able to laugh at ourselves and laugh with others; sharing in sad times and glad times; it's a community.
  8. Wiring for new fridge

    I am still planning, also...would like to see your end result.
  9. Jeep Reliability?

    My opinion: Jeeps (YJ, JK, JL, JT, etc.) are the most reliable vehicles for what they were built for. You want a vehicle that will last 400,000k without a major repair...try Toyota or Honda...but they aren't going to be more reliable than the Jeep in its environment.
  10. Project "MOHAVEY"

    Huma de Humada, yea, yea, yea...If you wanted something that drove like a GMC Sierra, why didn't you buy a GMC Sierra...LMAO...You set yourself up for that one Bubba!
  11. Wiring for new fridge

    "My .02 Two 100ah renogy LiFePo4 batteries with 4 100w Mono solar panels." So, you don't actually have this set-up?
  12. Wiring for new fridge

    How are those solar panels...mounted? Dismounted?
  13. Aussie Gray Rubicon

    Great work! Unique! This rig in the US....people are gonna think you have dogs in the bed...or...some may think you're a human smuggler. I would think...the food is in the bed and you're keeping the children (crumb snachers) at bay. Enjoyed working with the AZ/NZ folks in Beirut, Pakistan...
  14. Diesel auxiliary battery shots, placement & removal.

    Will love to see how you do that!
  15. Changing Fog lights to amber?

    So, to the best of your knowledge, are there any "selective yellow" fog lights for JL/JTs on the market? Only ones I could find (cusory google search) that use the term "selective yellow" were Rigids.
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    So, just wanting to see who's in charge in this marriage: (1) Did you apologize? (2) Tell her she was following too close?
  17. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    It would be nice...but in this particular case I would think function over form. BTW...where were you when I was looking for a wife?
  18. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Yea, the old days of being DINKs...(Dual Income, No Kids...in case you didn't know).
  19. Gladiator 3l turbo diesel and Silverado 3l turbo diesel. I’ve got both so mini review. UPDATE!

    So a TFL head-to-head competition between the Range Rover and the Wagoneer is needed to convince folks that either is worth the money...Come On TFL...gitter-on!