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  1. Can somebody help me understand Antennas?

    See if you can borrow a VNA to check the SWR at your desired frequency. If you are getting poor signal you might also add filters to your radio's DC line. For external antennas, it is a good idea to periodically check your SWR to see if anything has degraded, due to friction on your RF lines...
  2. What do you trust more? TPMS or tire gauge?

    I use a high quality fluid damped gauge and find it matches the TPMS. Interestingly I've learned that some TPMS systems use a temperature adjustment factor apparently. My Triumph Tiger for example will trigger a low tire pressure warning at different pressures depending upon whether the...
  3. Observations from a new owner

    While I prefer the color temperature of halogens, the factory LEDs are a valuable upgrade. Consumer Reports dinged the lights but that may be due to opposing driver glare. We have very few lighted streets here and the LEDs a perfect for the road. They leave something to be desired when you...
  4. Mojave is fantastic offroad

    Ha, well that's a nice spot too. We used to go down to Carolina beach to drive and camp.
  5. Mojave is fantastic offroad

    Apart from Sand, Off+ w/ 4Hi is great for steep forest roads with bad washboarding. If the rear end is light you can experience some rear axle hop when the ECU cuts power to limit the slip it reads. Off+ as indicated in the manual, will disable 'engine management' which is a fancy way of...
  6. Mojave is fantastic offroad

    Going to say that's Assateague as a former life long resident of MD. Before moving west last year we spent a couple months living at a family house in OC, perfect jeep territory, top down & doors off. Just have to keep an eye on that salty air.
  7. Cannot shift into 4H or 4L on my new 2023 gladiator .

    This AT is a 'smart' one. When you just lightly brake I suspect the TCM reads it as coasting and so the ECM & TCM allow it to do so to save fuel. What myself and others have noticed is that there is also a 'engine braking' mode that will engage when you apply strong brake pressure then release...
  8. Cannot shift into 4H or 4L on my new 2023 gladiator .

    Try this - at 5mph lift off the throttle as you pull the lever. *edit* - don't hesistate on the shift, the rotating assemblies lose momentum and you'll get a grindy noise, if you don't get it, go back to 2Hi and start again. It needs not just a hard pull but a quick one, you won't break it...
  9. GOUGE-ME, NO-Thanks

    Heated seats are nice but the heated wheel is a real treat. I remember packing up our RTT when it was a damp 32* and my hands were on fire. After some cold weather injuries I really dig the heated wheel.
  10. Let's Talk About Uconnect Version 5

    The famous Jeep ride quality and persnickety wireless charging aren’t friends. I just imagine the phone bouncing away. There also isn’t much dead space to put one. The Jeep interior is ‘efficient’, not spacious.
  11. Kaiser

    What a mod a PTO spindle would be. Run belt driven saws, water pumps, bale hay.
  12. I want to STEEL-IT and I need help !

    The poor mans coating is just a thick layer of lanolin followed by the dust it collects.
  13. 2024 Jeep Gladiator debuts with new grille, interior, more options and upper trim levels

    The round air vents recall the iconic round headlamps, agreed.
  14. 2024 Jeep Gladiator debuts with new grille, interior, more options and upper trim levels

    I take this to mean they are having difficulty hybridizing the JT or want to leapfrog that dev cost and go straight to electric. If this is indeed the case, then my theory of the next JT losing the solid axles may hold - unless a supplier comes up with a motorized-differential axle. The...
  15. The 2024 Gladiator Reveals on 9/13/23!

    Therein is the cool thing about the 3.6. It's not a 'great' engine but it works and is comparatively simple and reliable. The fact that it's now the sole standing largish displacement NA v6 in the category is a feature I'd say. I'm sure the competing turbos will be reasonably durable, but I...
  16. The 2024 Gladiator Reveals on 9/13/23!

    At least with the latter two (or any current Mojave/Rubicon) 35's are only a tire change away.
  17. The 2024 Gladiator Reveals on 9/13/23!

    Mm, this is exactly the same as the 22, 23...
  18. Jeep Wave oil change analysis 5K mile OCI

    When Subaru asked me for service records before replacing the block due to oil consumption, I sent them receipts and oil analyses. They didn't balk at all.