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  1. Gladiator Owner Poll

    2 door on a JLUR frame and wheelbase would be the best vehicle ever
  2. Sold my Gladiator today

    I’m trying to move to a two door JLR so I just need to get this thing ready to move and do it

    Regear, and then when you get steering vibration just get it all done at once and put these on https://metalcloak.com/jl-wrangler-jt-gladiator-hd-rocksport-steering-system-rubicon-edition.html
  4. 2024 packages, beginning of the end

    The longer the strike lasts the worse everything will get for consumers The strikers are forgetting who ultimately pays their paychecks
  5. Pro Charger

    Yeah, I don't doubt that and I always love bench racing I just think these Pentastars are good at what they do but that's it, they're not a good power-adder platform Your Jeep will be much happier with more gear. If you really wanted more power do an engine swap
  6. "high mileage" 2020 JT

    Just got this problem in Moab this week. It's fine until you put the JT on an angle. My oil level never changed and the temps stayed in normal ranges so it was zero problem driving it 8 hours home. I will change it out with an aluminum part
  7. Pro Charger

    I think this guy is a fool. Sorry to insult your friend
  8. New Jeep CEO Named (Antonio Filosa)

    Great, so probably more EVs and less capability. All while making the vehicles more expensive
  9. Someone talk me out of trading in..

    Do what you want to do! I'm not going to trade in most likely, but i'm going to get rid of my JT and get a used JLR 2 door soon even though it makes zero financial sense and I won't be able to pull almost any parts off of it! But i'm getting a no-cost DD from my dad so that's how i'm justifying it
  10. "high mileage" 2020 JT

    2020 JT Sport S 78k miles Zero issues besides self-inflicted ones (front end steering, trail pinstripes, etc). 100% reliable vehicle i'd drive cross country tomorrow
  11. Strike Expanded to Parts Distribution

    Sure, but in the long run? All a pipe dream afterall
  12. Strike Expanded to Parts Distribution

    So the purpose is to destroy the whole industry. What happens to the union jobs then?
  13. Strike has begun

    Chances are they’ll get a raise and work for a less shit company. win win
  14. Strike has begun

    So much for "solidarity", huh? The selfishness of the unskilled factory workers is causing the actually skilled non-union employees to get fired
  15. Strike has begun

    Why? That's a great way to get ahead and make money while no one else is "Solidarity" is for suckers
  16. Strike has begun

    The UAW is unrealistic and stupid. More than 5% a year is a great raise
  17. Isolating AUX battery. Which negative cable?

    ESS can still function on one battery from what I’ve read. it seems like the pause is only on cold startup
  18. Isolating AUX battery. Which negative cable?

    I removed fuse 42 and the aux negative cable according to @ShadowsPapa ‘s diagram. ESS error message is gone and Jeep is good to go! Thank you! however, do the rest of you who’ve done this experience what sounds like a starter tick and a slight pause upon startup?