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  1. Lifted PSA: check front brake lines

    Hey all, I was was adjusting my shocks and noticed that both my front brake lines are wearing on my upper control arms. Caught it in time and wrapped them temporarily. New stainless lines are in the mail.
  2. Oil Analysis - 21k miles

    Hey all, I figured you would be interested in seeing a Blackstone on the OEM pp 5w-40 oil. This was run for ~7800 miles on a factory filter. Interesting note about egr and copper. I would have thought it would be broken in by now but maybe not?
  3. Morimoto super 7 2.0

    Hello, does anyone run these or have any details? Looking to take advantage of the recent price drop. Thank you.
  4. Noco charger turns on radio and dash

    Ok weird one, I have a noco 10p trickle, set to agm, connected to either the battery or the negative bolt. Dash screen , radio , and shifter bezle light up. Jeep splash screen and all. I have a tazer, but this only happens on charge. When this happens, the noco goes back to the lowest charge...
  5. BlackFriday + CyberMonday deals thread

    Hey All, I didn't see a thread yet for this years sales. I figured we could create one and post hot deals and listings for JT parts and accessories in the coming weeks. Maybe we tag a few vendors here and get the ball rolling? Admin, I wasn't sure where to put this, please move as needed...
  6. Adventure Academy: Vermont

    Hey All, Anyone heading up next weekend for the first Vermont adventure academy? Looking forward to not being the only Gladiator there lol. https://jeepadventureacademy.com/trip/vermont-saturday/
  7. New York Diesel stock suspension

    2022 diesel springs, shocks, f/r track bar, front upper arms and 4 end links. Front Springs are 6377aa. Shocks are 231ab and 235ab. 200$ obo. Brewster area.
  8. New York WTS: X5 245/75r17 wrangler kevlar on silver sport S wheels

    Hello, I have x5 245/75r17 Goodyear Wrangler all terrain with kevlar tires. 1 is new spare, off rim. 4 are off bead no tpms just stems with 10k on them. No plugs. Wheels are 17x7.5 stock silver tec wheels off sport S. Asking 500$ obo. Brewster area.
  9. Diesel sport +25 offset 315/70r17

    Anyone on sport width axles running +25? I'm going to have a Clayton 2.5 lift installed which keeps the stock lower arms and replaces the uppers. Is anyone running 35s with +25? Do they rub? I want minimal poke and thought +25 was the way to go but maybe I should bring them out a little. Thank...
  10. NJ jeep invasion

    Whose going this weekend?
  11. Jurassic Warwick drive in 6/9

    Anyone at the jeep wave drive in event for Jurassic park in Warwick NY? I see more gladiators here than I do on the roads.
  12. Chevron 5w-40 sale

    Advanced is closing out their Chevron 5w-40. Thoughts on using this in the ecoD? Comes out to less than 5$ a quart.
  13. Walmart sale 315/70r17- No longer on sale...

    Found these while perusing the site for tires. Picked up 5 because I couldn't pass up the deal even though I'm not lifted yet. Not one to believe the "too good to be true" sales but we shall see if they actually ship. They get good reviews. Kenda klever AT2.
  14. Finding B20 in NY/NJ?

    Has anyone been able to find b20 in North jersey / South NY region? Would like to run it for a tank or two to see any differenced.