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  1. Bestop-How about this type of top for the Gladiator?

    I have been seriously considering this top as a alternate for my hard top. Pretty flippin close t teh trek top. It does all the same things. Sunrider up front, Bimini all around and completely off. It evel rolls up and sits on teh top of the sound bar. Not an ugly clump of fabric on the truck bed.
  2. Bestop-How about this type of top for the Gladiator?

  3. Anyone else freaking love their truck?

  4. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Fire Risk Recall

    I was being a smart a$$. Been having bad luck with my dealership and just want my warranty over with HAHA. Whatever faith i had no longer exists. I still love my Jeep and technology is never without its gremlins. it is sad how the dealerships just don't seem to try to even break the stereotype...
  5. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Fire Risk Recall

    the issue will be a bad ground screw to which the only way to get the part is if the order the entire frame, which will be on backorder. Once back order clears they will have to fix all models not sold yet. so your looking at a 12-64 month wait. Likely overlapping another Union strike. Once that...
  6. This is How Tough The Lifted Gladiator Can Be

    Glad you are al alright!! The only crime is all that junk in the door net. Does Clayton make a lift kit for that? LMFAO!!!!
  7. Rugged Ridge Arcus

    What about teh eBay one people have that is identical to teh factory steel bumper?
  8. Cold Morning Crew

    Heated steering is nice but i wish it was adjustable. shit gets me sweaty
  9. Cold Morning Crew

    I think its nice driving at 4am 40 degrees and top off to work! Ski jacket and a beanie, heated seat. Works great. 70 degree drive home at 130pm is perfect! For me 65-70 is ideal top off weather!!
  10. Cold Morning Crew

    I grew up in Steuben County! Miss the winters there in my XJ!!
  11. Warranty appointments duration

    Already read the threads. Looks like I have to take the bearing caps bolts out.
  12. Not impressed with Gladiator performance in snow

    mine did great in teh snow, i always expect truck to act that way unless we have weight in the back. I did get stuck but that's part of teh fun i guess. i did something stupid and got stuck. we got out. This was up near Purgatory CO. Lots and lots of snow that weekend.
  13. Do all Mojave front diffs not have a drain plug, or is it just mine?

    a little off topic, my "89 YJ would push t-case fluid up the speedo cable and drip on my shoes when it was hot. I think the t-case vent was plugged.
  14. Warranty appointments duration

    lets just imagine there is 1 guy running Daig, say 2 hours per vehicle, 4 vehicles a day and they plan on 5 day turn around they could potentially have 20+ vehicle on property at any one time waiting diagnostics. Just sounds like very poor time management in my opinion. and this is if it's just...
  15. Warranty appointments duration

    The plot thickens. i reached out to another dealership, who will only communicate via text messages (lame.) Their time frame is 5 days. FFS, diagnostic work is drop off only and the vehicle needs to wait in line. To be in line it needs to be on property ready when it's its turn in line.
  16. Warranty appointments duration

    shit, if i refused to drive it with a bad shock I'd still be without the Jeep, 10 months. At least they have 3 of the 4 needed shocks they are replaceing. Normally I would have an extra vehicle but my son took it to college. Oh well. At least we can bitch here. Jeep Customer care is only...
  17. Warranty appointments duration

    not afraid of the work. I have all the tools required and space to do it off the street. This dealership ism one of the worst in my opinion. Mine does still lock and works otherwise as normal. Just the idiot light is annoying AF. Sometimes it even decides to stop. Which my luck would happen...
  18. Warranty appointments duration

    Thanks they have given them to me in the past for the same vehicle, different issues. Believe it or not it was one of the times they had me scheduled to replace the shocks hahaha that never got replaced!
  19. Warranty appointments duration

    So, i recently have had the rear axle sensor in a constant state of trying to lock the axle, or at least thinking it is. The off-road pages display shows the axle is locked in 2wd. I am still covered under the powertrain side of my warranty but the dealership has told me they need it for 3 days...
  20. Roof leak in back

    My back glass was warrantied and replaced at the dealer.