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  1. Gladiator appreciation from down under

    Here's a vid from an Ausie that really reminds me of how cool our Jeeps are. After a couple of years of ownership, I've taken quite a few things for granted eventhough I really do enjoy driving it every single time I hop in.
  2. Weird heavy vibration at around 10mph and dissappears by 20mph.

    Strange rumbling vibration around 10mph and dissappears by about 20mph. I have no idea what its. Any clue? Not sure when it started.
  3. California Dash speakers from Alpine premium system (oem)

    Free for pick up locally.
  4. California front dash speakers from premium alpine free for pickup

    I have the dash speakers from the alpine pemium system. Free. pickup only.
  5. California Sold: Go Rhino rack $400

    Go Rhino rack with side table on one side and mounting panel on the the other. Also include rear handles. Mounts to trail rails. About a year old. Got a canopy coming in. Looking for $500. Price drop to $400.
  6. California Sold: free stock rubicon rock rails

    off my '21 rubicon. pick up only.
  7. Stock steel bumper

    So removed the end caps on the steel bumper today for some clearance and appearance. To my surprise, there's a hole (extra hole between top two bolt holes) on the passenger side that I don't think should be there (right side did not have this hole). Is this normal?
  8. What mod you wish you can get a mulligan on?

    For me, it would be my rack. I should have stuck to my orignal plan. I had planned for a softopper and datinfab rack. Then Bestop announced their new softopper so I waited, and waited and waited and finally gave up but by then, the Softopper is also backordered. So I decided to settle on a...
  9. Front driver side speaker is out.

    Just noticed this morning on my way to work that my front driver speaker is not working. JTR is 1 month old. Just made an appointment to bring her in. Should I remove the Tazer mini, if so, do I have to unmarry as well? The only thing I changed was tire size. Thanks.
  10. Need help with Teraflex Nomad wheels

    Yesterday I was excited about getting my wheels and tires installed by America's Tire. Unfortunately they couldn't do it. They can't get the valve stem through the little housing opening. Did I get the wrong part from Teraflex?
  11. California Sold: Complete Rubicon take off suspension

    About 3 days old Rubicon suspension with fox shocks. Everything I took off is included. First $250 takes it. I'm in Orange County.
  12. California Sold: Rubicon wheels with Wildpeak M/T

    Almost brand new with under 200 miles on them. Looking for $1000 for the set of 4 or $1200 with the spare as well. Picked up the truck locally last Thursday and will have these removed this Saturday (3/13). TPMS not included.
  13. Need help choosing tires

    I'm kinda stuck right now. Finally I had settled on some Ridge Grapplers (37x12.5x17) but as it turns out, they're no where to be found. Backorder time line can be 15 weeks from now. So back to the drawing board. Took me a little while to decide on Toyo Open Country R/T. Wouldn't you know...