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  1. North Carolina Sold: Roof tent/accessories $1500

    Ruggedized tepui kukenam with annex, fitted sheets, boot bags and table.
  2. North Carolina Rain Gear cab cover- $130 Charlotte

    Still available.
  3. Putco Element Sky View Clear Hard Top Lid

    I found a clear lidz used for less than a sunrider and that helped me make the decision. I like it, but theres no way id pay full price.
  4. North Carolina Sold: Rain Gear cab cover- $130 Charlotte

    Works great. no holes or rips. Fits with top on or off. Only selling bc it won't work with the Gobi rack. $130
  5. Gladiator roof rack for RTT?

    I just grabbed some super strut from the hardware store and some L brackets. Add in some T bolts that fit trail rail and you're all set.
  6. Ebay Steel bumber for 2022 Gladiator. What's the catch?

    Ive got one. Its not bad. Finish isnt the best, and there are a few rust spots. I got backed into by a cement truck and it held up fairly well. All in all, I dont regret buying it. However, I'm still in the market for another bumper and this one isnt good enough to keep my from buying an oem...
  7. Not another rear seat delete 🙄

    You just bend some flat steel for those front brackets? Notice any flex when loaded up? Love how clean the design is
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Freedom tops are still easily taken off, and if i ever took the back off(never do) There are quick release brackets that tilt the entire rack bacwards.
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    It will fit. However, if I were going the cap route, I think I would spend the money on getting one that I could mount a rack to. Gobi is awesome, looks cool, but pretty overpriced. I got it bc it was the only option that fit my needs. Since I purchased mine, another company has an option but it...
  10. Door Hinge Removal

    correct size torx bit and hammer it in before you attempt to turn. I stripped one out and it was a disaster.
  11. Camping with your Gladiator

    Thinking it might be time for a hardtop. Setup isn't bad, but takedown In the rain is getting old.
  12. New Gladiator Police Trucks in Hollywood, FL

    Based on the graphics, my bet would be that it's used for recruitment or take take to elementary schools
  13. Stripped torx bolt

    Oh it's not great. Trying to figure out how to access the back side of the plate now
  14. Stripped torx bolt

    Can't take see it, but it's in there. Went ahead and put the step on with three bolts
  15. Stripped torx bolt

    So i figured i would let some pros handle this, but a mechanic and a couple of recommended body shop guys couldn't get it. I got some different bolt extractors (not the easy out variety) and started drilling. Good news is, i got the bolt head out in about 20 min. Bad news, i drilled a bit too...
  16. Stripped torx bolt

    Nope. Just a ratchet. All the others i hammered in and took right off with a breaker bar. That one felt like playdough.
  17. Stripped torx bolt

    Well, i screwed up. Installing door hinge steps and got 7 of the 8 out no problems. The last one stripped unbelievably badly. I tried to drill it with an extractor, but that isn't working and now i just have a mess. Any ideas on what to do next?
  18. Bestop appearance and fitment vs Softopper

    I don't think you'll be disappointed. Its honestly my favorite mod so far, and I even based my rack purchase on being able to keep its full functionality.
  19. Bestop appearance and fitment vs Softopper

    Just a reflection. I've had no rubbing with it in two years. Only "issue" is that the trail rail doesnt allow it to snap into the bed by the cab, so its velcroed there. No big deal really, but snaps would have been the better option. I also no longer velcro over the tailgate. Havent had any...
  20. Bestop appearance and fitment vs Softopper

    Really like the looks. Having to store the side windows, and it not folding into the bed are dealbreakers for me tho.