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  1. 317 miles of MOAB trails have been closed [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I think it goes way beyond that. People are just down right selfish and inconsiderate. And then there are the attentionwhores ruining crap for likes.
  2. First Accident. Need recommendation for replacement parts

    My TJ is chopped, AiRocked and on 37s
  3. First Accident. Need recommendation for replacement parts

    Just wondering how you are going to justify the 38s? Reverse it back into the parking garage after going over the spike strips? Jees Honey, I am the worst driver now I need to get a Clayton 2.5" lift and 38s to fix this. :CWL:
  4. My 2022 Gladiator burned down... how?

    Sadly, I think you will need to get a lawyer involved to try and get back as much money as you can. Sorry for your loss Good Luck with everything.
  5. O

    Looks like I am changing careers :CWL:
  6. 38's are the Goldilocks of tires (owner review)

    Well, you never really had a set of 37s in the past. Now you do. This is why my Rock Crawler has Maxxis Brand tires. Not only do they kick ass, but they are very true to size. Their 38 is a 38, not a 37. 37s are 37s. I do think your current setup looks great and your logic on going bigger...
  7. Some Of Jeep's Best Customers Simply Can't Afford A Jeep Anymore

    I 100% agree with that. Part of the price of gas is a tax that is used to pay for road maintenance. I don't think Electric car owners should be except from contributing to the up keep of the roads they drive on. There is a similar thing with Diesel gas. Diesel fuel for non road vehicles has a...
  8. O

    I was just busted by a co-worker singing this so I had to share that here. LOL
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    Cop cars being stolen happens more than you think
  10. I am leaving the forum today.

    So this is the last Gladiator forum post you will ever make
  11. O

    I'm pretty sure I walk the line between Dominant and Callous and am surprised quiet is that close :CWL: I have been randomly singing this song for decades. It always gets me a WTF look LOL
  12. Who's Jeep is this?

    :CWL: :CWL: :CWL: :CWL: :CWL: :CWL: :CWL: :CWL: The butt hurt reaction made this even funnier
  13. [Updated w/ recovery video] Jeep Gladiator shears off a wheel climbing Devil’s Hot Tub @ Moab

    I stand by my statement and that video helps prove it. Guy in your video knew his limitations, was a good driver, tried to bump, didn't work, GOT OFF THE GAS IMMEDIATELY, backed down and tried a new line He even took the time to heat up his tires while sawing the steering wheel. most people...
  14. [Updated w/ recovery video] Jeep Gladiator shears off a wheel climbing Devil’s Hot Tub @ Moab

    There are times when a bump is necessary to gain a little momentum and This wasn't that time :CWL:
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  16. AOAA new Badge of Honor trails November 11, 2023 at 9 AM

    @TheOpa I have to make sure you dont hold back your Gladiator Lol
  17. AOAA new Badge of Honor trails November 11, 2023 at 9 AM

    So I got my wrangler all squared away. Lots of new parts and then I go and bang up my tow rig. I am driving the wrangler to work at the moment. This has not been a good year for rock crawling for me.
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  19. Smacked in the front ...

    I will be all over them for this and have a full list of things for them to check.
  20. Smacked in the front ...

    Sadly, I just had the same thing happen to me. Damage looks identical except I had my entire passenger flare ripped off. My Grill is not twisted, but my steering wheel is upside down to drive straight. From visual inspection, I can't see anything tweaked in the steering and the tires are...