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  1. Rubicon suspension on Sport S

    I did it almost exactly a year ago. Netted about 3/4" of lift. Ride is a tad more firm. I agree with others' takes that the Fox shocks aren't very amazing, but they're fine. The deal is, that within a given trim level, there's like 3 or 4 combos of spring rates a JT can have based on options...
  2. Manual Shift option wears out transmission

    Sure, it's ultimately the engine working against compression to slow the vehicle, but the transmission is being engaged to do this. And due to friction, this generates heat in the transmission. I think it is a bad idea to intentionally and routinely perform an unnecessary action that results in...
  3. Manual Shift option wears out transmission

    EXACTLY. Either way, kinetic energy of the vehicle is being reduced by converting it to heat energy. What do you want taking all that heat: pads & rotors or a transmission?
  4. 2022 Rubicon wheels/tires into a 2023 Sport S????

    For normal on-road driving, I wouldn't expect you to rub, even at full steering lock. I have Rubi/Mojave size tires on my non-max tow Sport S, and I don't rub.
  5. 2022 Rubicon wheels/tires into a 2023 Sport S????

    Only difference for Mojave wheels is they have slightly less backspacing, meaning they'll stick out towards the fender ever so slightly more. Factory tire size for Mojave is same as Rubi.
  6. 23 Mojave $70K MSRP for $52K - Deal?

    Pull up an online loan calculator and do some math. I did, and $52k at 8% over 5 years gives total interest of ~$11,200. Don't know what it's like in your area, but my credit union is at 6.20% on 5-year loans, and that's $8,600 in interest over the loan. That's a $2,600 difference right...
  7. Looking to Camp - TN/KY in June

    https://landbetweenthelakes.us/seendo/camping/basic/ I'm not an expert on Land Between the Lakes, but I've camped there a handful of times over the last few years. In general, it's legal to do dispersed camping nearly anywhere, which is the whole dang place via backpacking, but with your RTT...
  8. Flummoxed by Serpentine Belt Replacement

    The only thing I've learned since this happened is that the alternator MUST come off for belt replacement.
  9. gladiator lease residual values?

    Mine back in summer of 2020 was 0.67.
  10. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    My wife respects me for knowing the word milquetoast.
  11. ISO NEW 2023 Sport S *with max tow package*

    North Carolina I've called this dealership about this one. It's been sitting on their lot for a long time. They were super polite and not pushy, just couldn't convince myself to pull the trigger. Georgia (Freedom edition) Someone on this forum recently bought a JT from this dealership, and they...
  12. 35 Toyo MT loud after 30K miles

    Goooooooood to know. The R/T Trail was hitting the market right as I got my A/T III's, and I've always been wondering if I should've held out a couple of months for them. Glad I didn't.
  13. My 2022 Gladiator burned down... how?

    In 2020 I spent a few hundred bucks doing my roofline in nice LED Christmas lights. Lasted 10 days before squirrels started chewing the bulbs off. After multiple, multiple sessions of being up on the extension ladder in the dark after work butt-splicing things back together, I said screw it and...
  14. My 2022 Gladiator burned down... how?

    For what it's worth, Allstate's not necessarily trying to shift blame onto or away from anyone. They're upholding their end of the deal and providing payment for a loss. It's just that OP doesn't think payment is high enough.
  15. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    I'm gonna hold mine forever and hope for that trash-to-riches appreciation curve that Grand Wagoneers and air-cooled 911's have gone through. Only have about 37 more years to go.
  16. Best Interest Rate for New Gladiator?

    Gupton is the dealership on the north side of Nashville. They do 5-6% below invoice on orders, and keep nearly nothing on the lot. Problem with that is, at the moment, 2023 production has stopped (I think), 2024 order banks are open (pretty sure) but with no pricing, and ain't nothing getting...
  17. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    Well first, trade-in value and market value are not the same thing. But overall, the circumstances of extremely limited new-vehicle supply and high demand driven by nearly-free interest that drove up used values have changed. So of course value has changed accordingly. Save for the launch in...
  18. rear seat belps ripped

    So the rips/tears/cuts were concealed behind trim until pulling out to fasten. When the buckle is buckled, then, whereabout are the tears? If possible, where are the tears when no one is in the seat, when a child is in the seat, when an adult is in the seat, and when your child's car seat is...
  19. My 2022 Gladiator burned down... how?

    I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. Keyword: law. It's a specific process laid out in the law of your state. Requirements vary from state to state, but they're usually like 3+ attempts to fix the same issue with a minimum number of days out of service. Sounds like you were a hair...