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  1. School me on bumpers...

    I’ve been eyeing the Bestop Highrock bumper. Looks like a nice mid width.
  2. Looking for battery replacement recommendations for 2020 Gladiator

    I wouldn’t hate the two battery system as much if the aux was easier to get to for those less mechanically inclined. Changing a battery should be a quick, two minute job.
  3. Recommendation On Snow Capable Tires

    Any 3 peak snow rated will do just fine. What’s more important is that you have recovery/rescue gear. My Maxtrax boards have helped many times and have held up nicely. I haven’t needed to use chains, but I have them. First aid kit? Yes, always. Food, water, blanket, etc. You get it. Lastly of...
  4. Sunrider top year round?

    If you were to compare the sunrider to the freedom panels with headliner on the highway, how much quieter would the panels be?
  5. Sunrider top year round?

    If one was to put freedom panels on for a month or two, does all of the sunrider hardware need to be removed? @Bestop
  6. Trail Recon got a new Gladiator

    I like his aspirations of turning it into a medical vehicle. I would be very surprised if he sold the JKU, he loves that thing. I’m sure he got a great deal being a 2023.
  7. Anyone regretting your saddle/brown leather seats?

    I am particular to the hydro blue and light gray myself :)
  8. New to me High Altitude Gladiator

    Excited to test everything out soon.
  9. Can I put Falcon SP2 2.1 shocks without the lift? PLEASE HELP

    If mostly highway, I would think firm/performance would be better.
  10. New to me High Altitude Gladiator

    New Toyo OC AT3 285/75r17 with Icon Vector 5 wheels, -6 offset. Tera flex alpine IR LCA’s, Steer Smarts Griffin Draglink, Apex Lynx disconnects. I‘ll get more pics when the sun comes out tomorrow! Rides much better now. I’m thinking the mopar lift LCAs were not a good as I thought. Caster is...
  11. Auto stop, worst idea ever just got worse.

    Test both batteries separately, check for any loose connections. There should be more than one Jeep dealer in Las Vegas - I would call around to see who can take it in sooner.
  12. Maryland 275/60r20 Baja Boss AT tires on high altitude rims $1500

    Tires and wheels have been separated. If you’re interested in one or both, let me know. Will make a good deal.
  13. Bestop-How about this type of top for the Gladiator?

    That is a mighty fine drawing right there. Did you create the cyber truck concept as well?!
  14. Rugged Ridge Arcus

  15. A rare happy thread!

  16. Mopar sway bar links VS everything else

    I’m installing the Apex Lynx disconnects this weekend. Not the cheapest, but if it keeps me from having to go under the Jeep and find stable ground when connecting/disconnecting every time, it’ll be worth it.
  17. A rare happy thread!

    In it's natural habitat - very cool and capable looking mojave!
  18. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    This is awesome, love everything about it. Nice job!
  19. New Katzkin Tangerine Leather Interior

    Very Christmasy with the green and red/orange! What made you go with that color combo out of curiousity? Did you get the degreez heating/cooling system they offer too?
  20. A rare happy thread!

    Doing it all at once is the right way to go. Take advantage of the marketplace here on the forum too, lots of good stuff. If you're able to put more towards the loan every month, do it - the sooner you will be car debt free and that much closer to customizing your build!