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  1. Huge Discounts on 2023 Gladiators!

    Post-pandemic, mostly all dealerships here have a “availability fee”, between $15k and $25k depending on the MRSP. It’s possible to talk out of it. But if you do, then, because they are already being so nice not charging you this insane availability fee, they say they can not give you any other...
  2. Huge Discounts on 2023 Gladiators!

    Was this the window sticker price? Why $62735? No: leather seats, painted fenders, painted hard top? Led lights group ? What packages came with?
  3. JSCAN and OEM LED Headlights/Halo settings...grrrrr

    Aloha, Could you explain why “quad headlamps enable: yes” and “CBC Extern.Light Calibr.: Dual Filament Headlamp: No”. Thanks 🤙🏽