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  1. This is How Tough The Lifted Gladiator Can Be

    Had the same experience a few months back. Cars no match for Gladiator. Hit me on driver side bumper only. Totalled his car, and I had scratch on underside of rear steal bumper.
  2. Cyberweek and Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Thank you Amber. Excited for them to arrive.
  3. Cyberweek and Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Looking for the CoverKing CVK-SPC683 as well as X4S for a 2022 Gladiator. Thanks.
  4. Jeep gladiator blind spot monitor

    Sorry, I don’t have the Alfa, but wonder how you got the wiring harness only from Infotainment? I contacted them, and they said it was only sold with the package.
  5. Clayton Off Road Black Friday Sale Now LIVE!

    I see that. Thank you.
  6. Clayton Off Road Black Friday Sale Now LIVE!

    When adding the 1.5 ride right kit, the discount is showing 5%. Anything else I need to do for the 10%?
  7. 2022 Jeep Gladiator Eco Diesel.

    Welcome! I own a 2022 JTWD, that has been incredible. I’ve owned JK’s & JL’s since 2008, and this is the best engine for any towing or elevation passing in the PNW.
  8. Katzkin leather installed in my 2023 Sport S

    Did it still feel that way after a few months? I self installed, and seats felt the same after a bit. Just curious on the different Katkin lines.
  9. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    Not as bad in Washington. Bought a 2022 Willys diesel in jan for 51K, and was looking at recent deals on 23’ diesel High Altitude. Was offered 48K trade, plus 12% off MSRP. We are running 10% not the 15% off MSRP in other zip’s.
  10. Retro Gladiator build, my modern take on the Old Honcho

    Absolutely incredible detail to something you loved. I don’t have the balls for this, but truly well done.
  11. Goodyear Duratrac Review

    Have had Duratracs on 3 different wranglers. Great tire for Northwest, but do get noisier and some have been tough to balance. Went with KO2’s on Gladiator Diesel to try something new.
  12. Diesel Gladiator is already finished?

    I hope not. The best performance for a Jeep that I’ve ever owned.
  13. Mojave leather Door Armrest fitment

    Long delay as my car was in for repairs due to an accident, but I did wrap up the leather install on the Fronts as well. It is doable with the standard door skins and modifications for the leather armrest mountpoints on the skin. All in, and due to a great deal on the Katzkin leather seat...
  14. Official 2020+ EcoDiesel Oil Recommendations

    Let’s be honest. I pay to play in most situations in life. Have I used Amsoil previously? Absolutely. Have I ever had issue with them? No. But, have they had to back me up, or did they pay to to fight Stellantis? No. It’s up to us as the consumer to assess risk. I personally no longer feel...
  15. My Poor Gladiator

    Sorry man. I hope you have better luck than I did. What seemed like a minor rear ender, ended up 2 months without my JT. Best of luck.
  16. Competition: 2024 Trailhunter Tacoma Overlanding Model Confirmed

    I don’t miss my Toyota’s either. As a Toyota truck guy for all the 80’s & 90’s, I feel Toyota lost their way with trucks. I used to abuse my 1980’ 5-speed 2wd manual, to an 1989’ 4-runner, 96’ 3.4 T100, 2001 4-door 3.4 TRD Tacoma, and finally the 2013 4.0 TRD tacoma. Older trucks, runners, etc...
  17. WILLYS Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Ram241, I have the BFG 285/75/17’s. No difference noticed on the diesel other than a quieter & smoother ride getting off the factory MT’s.
  18. Death Wobble Fluid Fix Released For Jeeps

    Nicely done. “Once you’ve had Hinkley’s, you’ll agree you’ve been had”.
  19. WILLYS Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Celica vs Willys? Didn’t work out great for the Toyota. He tried to turn out of it and went under the driver side rear bumper. I have 1 small dent under the bumper, but steering is off so there has to be some other damage.
  20. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Poser pics I know, but post 285/75R17 BFG KO2’s, Mopar Steel Front Bumper w/Warn Z10-S, and RollnLock XT.