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  1. Cry three times, buy three times shocks

    that doesn't seem right? Shouldnt they be under warranty from Fox? Clayton has Teraflex shocks on sale 15% off
  2. Retro Gladiator build, my modern take on the Old Honcho

    i appreciate your humbleness. Keep up the amazing work.
  3. Talk about a butt clencher -- Dusy Ershim Trail trip

    the one in Fresno doesn't look too bad. EDIT: I just read your post fully. I guess pictures do not show the steepness.
  4. ARB dual compressor rear seat install with 4XE air conversion cowl.

    great idea. clean install. two thumbs up!
  5. Rubicon factory locker switch conversion to switch panel

    Does anyone know if there is a write up on doing this? Basically moving away from the factory locker switch to using a switch panel. I like the simplicity of a basic on/off without the nanny. I noticed the factory off isn't always off when i want it off. Like it has a delay. Not sure if the...
  6. 38 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on 2.5" Clayton Overland Plus Lift

    Sounds like you have a solid working plan in place.
  7. California Sold: BFGOODRICH MUD-TERRAIN T/A KM3 37X12.5R17 Tires

    $1400 obo pickup only. Located in Arroyo Grande, CA (Central Coast near Pismo Beach) BFGOODRICH® MUD-TERRAIN T/A® KM3 37X12.5R17 4 Unmounted and ready to go tires. Current tread depth 13/32. New is stated to have 18/32 per BFG website. Load rating: D Manufacture date: 0720
  8. BlackFriday + CyberMonday deals thread

    Anything on KC products?
  9. Lighting Shopping List

    i'll be upgrading my lights soon too and I like the KC Flex Era 3 combo beam for the ditch lights and the Flex Era 4 combo beam for the bumper lights.
  10. TPS Just Stopped Reading

    My tpms stop reading randomly. I turn them off with the tazer. Wait about 2 weeks a month or so... then i get curious if they will work again adn they do. Beats me why. I just shrug it off and move on until the next time.
  11. New Tire Potential....

  12. Toyota coming with FT4X to take on Wrangler?

    looking at the tire size 225/55R18 I don't think Jeep has much to worry about. Maybe a competitor to a Subaru
  13. Picked up a 2021 Overland-Stop me please!

    Hit and run is a hit and run. Cant hurt to check