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  1. Retro Gladiator build, my modern take on the Old Honcho

    Very cool. Thanks for the build updates!
  2. Stock rear view mirrors rattling

    Great. Thank you. I was hoping it wouldn’t be hard. Sounds pretty simple.
  3. Annoying rattle in driver's door?

    I discovered a similar noise and it is the rear view mirrors. It only does it when I get up over 40 or so. Now I just have to figure out a fix.
  4. Stock rear view mirrors rattling

    Anyone else have this issue?
  5. Stock rear view mirrors rattling

    I was hoping there was a bolt or an oculus way to tighten it. I have a real problem with rattles that don’t match my music. Just one of my quirks.
  6. Stock rear view mirrors rattling

    I know it’s a jeep lol but does anyone have the same issue. The wind while driving jiggles them both just enough to be annoying. Took me forever to find out where it was coming from. Sounded like it was in the dash. It’s not the actual mirror. It’s the housing. Wd40 in the seem worked for a...
  7. Darkstar Build Thread

    Cool. I’ll be watching too.
  8. Any feedback on Coverking Topliner v. DEI Boom Mat Headliner?

    I used the cover king liner and put sound deadener pads underneath. It was a lot of work. I’m a little OCD so it took much longer than I wanted it to, but the results were great. Much better on heat and sound. It also looks like it came from the factory.
  9. What a Difference a Day Made For Our Texas Trail Gladiator!

    I went in and talked with them recently. Good guys and know their stuff. I will def be sending my gladiator to them soon. I Was told the place across the highway is the same management as the Camp Bowie location. I have had horrible experiences with that other store in the past.
  10. Jeep Crew Saves The Icy/Snowy Day: Helps Pull Drivers Stuck on Interstate 20

    I was taking my wife to work (ER Supervisor) in DFW each day and surprisingly never saw anyone to help. I brought the straps just in case.
  11. Cold weather = Death wobble

    I feel you 100% I am not happy about this at all. A 4,000 mile vehicle should not have these issues.
  12. Cold weather = Death wobble

    Mine is stock from the factory and have the same issue with 4,900 miles on the odometer. It has happened on warmer days too. I’ve taken it to two dealerships. They both were very familiar with the issue. Makes me think that Jeep should have a recall or something. Problem is neither can-get to...