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  1. White Jeeps > Other Colors

    When searching I searched for every color except white but more so black green and blue and could resist the hydro blue when it was in the lot it is jaw dropping and white looked basic sorry
  2. Huge Discounts on 2023 Gladiators!

    I got my 23 rubicon for 49k. This isn’t that big of a sale
  3. New to me High Altitude Gladiator

    A year kept it on 24/7 and traded Jeep in and it’s under seats at the moment. I’m gonna try without it to see if I miss the sun hitting me
  4. New to me High Altitude Gladiator

    Wait what was the bullet I have this it’s nice
  5. Diver Down Seat Covers

    I had black with red and they were comfy but unless I suck at installing em the seats shifted around and left holes between pieces but seemed durable and looked nice from outside . I prob won’t buy again tho
  6. Jeep Merrell Rubicon Boots

    I love these but for that price tag I hate these lol
  7. Katzkin leather installed in my 2023 Sport S

    Do you install these on top of leather?
  8. Mojave orange mods

    Got these in hydro blue for the Rubicon?
  9. Looking for a few Jeep Collectors items

    So would the sword
  10. PRP Seat Covers After Two Years (Photos)

    I posted before I read further apologies
  11. PRP Seat Covers After Two Years (Photos)

    I need those wow what are they
  12. First Jeep - a few questions

    Wow from 2020 my apologies but hey how did it all end up lol
  13. First Jeep - a few questions

    I have these for my wife and was going to post exactly this but wife never uses it either ha
  14. Looking for a few Jeep Collectors items

    1 for me to play with 1 for me to save for memorabilia 1 extra to give to a friend or save/use whatever
  15. Looking for a few Jeep Collectors items

    Oh man that’s be so cool but I have tried to become more manly and bought a ton of tools and I have a few tools in the box still where I feel like I could make cool stuff too but yes this box is so awesome! Sweet I found a seller and bought 3
  16. Looking for a few Jeep Collectors items

    I remember seeing that a key or knife or something was sold back with the 2020 Gladiators when they first came out. I saw someone post here and linked to on eBay but I can’t find it anywhere now it was all black with etching on it I’m also looking for like a ft by ft box or similar to store...
  17. Does anyone really like or have the High Velocity Color

    I actually never saw one in person and never saw earl gray either and I pegged that as my fav color with sarge green until I saw mine at the dealership this weekend Hydro Blue struck me
  18. Slow Burn (Bluey)

    Just traded in my 21 Sport Max Tow (Black) for the 23 Rubicon Hydro-Blue I made a point to shop forever to find one that had damn near everything I wanted on an original buy. So things like heated seats, 8.4 screen, updated speakers, LED lights, and leather, are already on. Coming from a near...
  19. Alaska Daily Drivers: Hydro Blue 80A and Bright White JTR

    Great build journal/thread, so many cool stuff my only argument is you post links to some of the cool stuff so i can buy too lol
  20. Blue On Black - Build Chronicles

    what paint and where did you get it?