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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I don’t see that wreath lit up. I’m wondering if you really have it wired correctly. 😂
  2. Christmas 2023 “Wish” list.

    I wish they will update the 2024 Gladiator section of the Jeep.com website so we can play with building a truck!
  3. UAW work schedule

    UAW and work in the same title made me laugh!
  4. UAW and Stellantis Reach Tentative Agreement

    Well, I don’t see me getting a freaking 25% raise to afford one of these trucks!!
  5. I am leaving the forum today.

    If I could, I would still have my 1986 Chevy S-10 4x4! First brand spanking new vehicle I had. Learned about four wheeling in that little truck!
  6. 17s or 18s

    Show pictures when you get them. I'm sure they will be great!
  7. The front facing camera is worth its weight in gold….😂

    My wife would say, "When are you going to clean out the garage!"
  8. Dash Mount - Bulletpoint, RAM Mount, Something Else?

    I've used Ram Mounts for years in both my personal and fleet vehicles. Used them for phones, tablets, laptops, and test gear. Never had issues with them.
  9. Dealership Tries to Buy Jeep During State Inspection

    I would give you $120,000, if the doggie was included. 😝
  10. Is the Gladiator losing interest with buyers?

    As I've been looking for used Gladiators locally, I've noticed a ton of Broncos lately. I guess a bunch of people ordered them thinking SUV and didn't like the ride?
  11. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    This should cover the whole “should I wave” question! 😂
  12. Idiot Gladiator Owner Road Rage Incident

    “It’s all about me” nowadays!!
  13. What Gladiator trim to get?

    Oh boy! You just opened a big ol can of worms!!
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I have a Subaru Ascent with 19, yes, 19 cup holders!! So far we have used 10 at a time. (SUV does carry 8 people.)
  15. Order your 2023 Gladiator @ 6% below invoice plus rebates!

    I’m in Hickory NC. I can’t order my Gladiator for a couple more years, but I will head out to Eden when I’m ready! I will NOT deal with Steve White ever again! I wonder how many Jeep dealers I’ll drive by to see Travis?
  16. Spotted in Nashville

    If you were covered in bedliner, you would be angry too! 🤪