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  1. 317 miles of MOAB trails have been closed [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I spend A LOT of time (headed there in the morning at 4:30am for 2 more days) in this exact area. For the last 30+ years we have worked side by side with the BLM. Closing spurs, maintaining trails, sometimes just taking them places their .gov vehicles shouldn't go. We got sh!t on in this...
  2. Moab area land use update: NOT POLITICAL, just facts (please stick to those if commenting)

    Worth a listen. Ranch Pratt from BRC (formerly RCAA and UROC owner/chair/whatever/organizer) https://www.sharetrails.org/donate/
  3. California Method Bead Locks / BFG KM3 39x13.50R17

    Do you still have these. I might have a way
  4. California Method Bead Locks / BFG KM3 39x13.50R17

    ...I might have to check the couch cushions for $. Do you know anyone heading to Sand Hollow or Moab that could haul them there? I'm sure I could get them a ride from either place
  5. 38's are the Goldilocks of tires (owner review)

    I'm of the same opinion with my 37" Mickey Thompson MTZ and the 3.73. I do haul my Buick Special around on a trailer at times and would LIKE to haul my trail Jeep (probably heavier than I should haul) after I put it on a diet. Just debating if I wanted to stick with the 37" tires and the...
  6. Do you carry medical when wheeling?

    Thanks for that link. I'll likely get a group together and get that done
  7. 38's are the Goldilocks of tires (owner review)

    I think you're right on with the 4.56 and the 38" with the deezel. Would you do 4.30 or 4.56 if you had it to do over again? How much freeway driving do you do? (I drive quite a bit around southeastern UT at 80+ mph speeds---thoughts on RPMs at that speed once regeared?)
  8. Ecodiesel Recall 01A HPFP Parts are Available

    I'm supposedly on track to get my updated pump on Nov 1, 2023. Time will tell
  9. Moab area land use update: NOT POLITICAL, just facts (please stick to those if commenting)

    Here's a slightly opposing viewpoint from what you mention about SUWA. I have NO LOVE for them but I'll keep details to myself. They DO want to be stewards of the earth. As do I and other like minded individuals that work for motorized access. SUWA promotes "wilderness" everywhere. I...
  10. Moab area land use update: NOT POLITICAL, just facts (please stick to those if commenting)

    I posted up something encouraging people to write in on this issue a few months ago and my post was removed and I was warned about being "political". I'm trying not to be political at all and be "journalistic". Please read the linked threads on the other two forums. There is much better...
  11. Lift install for EJS 2024

    https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/moab-area-land-use-update-not-political-just-facts-please-stick-to-those-if-commenting.73314/#post-1197174 Glad to respond as long as we don't get political. Was just in that area this past Sat. This is Dead Man's Point with a good...
  12. 2024/2025 JT+JL V6 Hurricane / 4xe / 392

    That's a huge factor along with emissions certification/guzzler tax. A 5.7L in one of these would be downright delightful in MANY ways.
  13. Artec Industries Fall into Savings Sale On Now !

    That's an interesting thought. I'm conveniently located near your shop (maybe 1 mile away?) and use my JT in the areas you guys likely do as well. I should run down and chat about getting started :D I have the deezel. SKU : JT4135
  14. Lift install for EJS 2024

    See what you can find for accommodations sooner than later. It's my understanding those fill up pretty fast even if you're wanting a campsite at an improved campground. Don't sweat the preparing dinner for at least a few nights. Solid restaurants are available. Dewey's, Blue Pig, Moab Diner...
  15. Lift install for EJS 2024

    I don't think you'd have any luck getting anything installed at EJS 2024? Love to have you come out and hope you have a great time. I am a volunteer trail leader for Red Rock 4 Wheelers. I think my schedule just got bombed this past week but I'll post up what trails I'm on if people want a...
  16. [Updated w/ recovery video] Jeep Gladiator shears off a wheel climbing Devil’s Hot Tub @ Moab

    Crawling out or throttling out? If you're talking about the crawling one, I think that's Richard Mick in an 4 door TJ in a totally different hot tub. That's the way out of the Devil's Hot Tub. There's a bit of room at both tubs for spectators but it starts to slope off pretty severely pretty...
  17. [Updated w/ recovery video] Jeep Gladiator shears off a wheel climbing Devil’s Hot Tub @ Moab

    I've never seen anyone crawl that tub. It's steep. For my money, my Gladiator (or my 1 ton "CJ" ) has no business being in that tub. Not worth the cash. There are likely some comp buggies and drivers that could crawl it but I am not sure you'll see those on Hell's Revenge any time soon. Their...
  18. More Sort of Ecodiesel buying questions

    I've been really happy with my Rubicon vs an Overland I was strongly considering or buying a new truck exactly as I wanted it. The Rubicon I have only doesn't have the aux switches and is otherwise almost exactly as I'd order it (kind of a lower end Rubicon with the black flares and such). I...