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  1. Gladiator appreciation from down under

    Do the Rubicons in Austraila come with Sport fenders? The hood says Rubicon... but those fenders aren't the high fender that come on Rubicons.
  2. Suparee JL/JT Half Door Prototype - Ideas/Feedback Needed!

    For me I don't care much about the pattern in the door, MOLLE pattern is good enough. I want to see how you're planning on putting a mirror on these and how the latch is going to function (can it lock, easy to use). I feel like those two things are always an afterthought in the aftermarket of...
  3. Bestop Tan soft top :)

    @Bestop we still need the tan soft top, any news yet? Please take my money.
  4. Mopar Lift Purchase

    Sorry for the noob question but what is BAM?
  5. ARB Twin Compressor Mount

    @813 Fabrication & Design thanks for the info. I just placed an order for the medium bedside box! Looking forward to getting it installed.
  6. ARB Twin Compressor Mount

    @813 Fabrication & Design, do you have the specs on your medium enclosure? How far does it stick out? Would I still be able to fit a 4x8 sheet in the bed with this installed? Trying to find a solution that still allows me that option without doing damage to the compressor/enclosure or without...
  7. Post your payload pics!

    Did you do the dual door package, or did you find a way to order them? My sales guy told me I could order them later, he was wrong and I’m kinda not happy about that.
  8. Washington Mojave Front Coil Springs

    I just got a set of these springs from my local shop and they don't remember what the specs were on the Mojave, can you tell me the specs on yours? steel or plastic bumper, hard or soft top?
  9. Coil Spring Part Numbers

    Im wondering if anyone can help identify these spring numbers? I’ve been told that they are from the rear of a Mojave but when I search I can’t find information on them. I’d like to know which is left and right and if they are actually from the Mojave. 6256AA and 6257AA.