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  1. Finally geometry brackets data

    I will be doing another set of brackets this time on my daughters JL after Christmas. Then I will have a 2nd set of the MOPAR extended arms to sell and rear TF geo brackets used 3 days , local pick up. I can take some measurements then if no one else has
  2. Unfortunately I totalled my gladiator, can't believe airbags didn't go off

    Totaled a 99 and an 03 Ram . One front impact one side impact never air bag deployment ,frame bent on both, I was lucky they didn't
  3. Finally geometry brackets data

    Data ? Same story since lift kits for XJ's came out .. Long arms on rocks and Drop brackets on rocks cause many complaints about both . It all depends on what you do with your Jeep. Just part of the prelift research we do
  4. Teraflex extended travel rear brackets

    I installed it a few days ago and removed them today . The JT drove almost like it did before I added the front geo brackets ( Rancho ). If the road dipped to the right slightly the Jeep tried to also . So they are work bench ornaments for now
  5. What is the best gear ratio for 37" tires (2020 Gladiator Overland)

    Something else to consider with some vehicles OE driveshafts may not be balanced well enough for higher rpms that you get with lower axle ratios and can end up with a vibration then ya have another thing to work on . Seen that with TJs which isnt to bad being you only have 1 DS instead of two in...
  6. Should I use a shock extension kit for 1 1/2 inch leveling kit?

    If you can still run OE bump stops with no rub I'd say run stock length shocks , I always keep as much compression as you can, ya don't want shocks bottoming out and limit compression for no reason. Most often their is less weight on a tire thats drooping which means less traction
  7. Control arm length with geo brackets

    I thought my JT drove and rode ok with 5.4 & 5.6 degrees of caster. As time went on I realized it could be better . I swapped the MOPAR extended lowers back to the OE arms and added Rancho Brackets . It went to 6.3 & 6.5 degrees and it tracks and rides like a different truck , Much less steering...
  8. Mopar lift lower control arms

    Rancho Geo brackets ( middle hole ) with OE lowers gave me .9 degree more than just the extended MOPAR arms did on a MOPAR 2" lift kit with a .5" spacer on top of the front spring on a Sport s max tow . This is just for a reference for people looking for info in the future
  9. Control arm length with geo brackets

    What I did was measure the angle of the front diff with a digital angle finder as a reference before I added the drop brackets . Knowing the caster was 5.4 and 5.6 initially which read 88.8 on the angle finder at the diff cover bolts or the machined spreader holes on either side of the cover ...
  10. Thoughts on Quadratec Lift Kits

    In your initial options I would swap the new rear track bar for something like the Tera flex rear track bar bracket . That raises up the axle end which flattens the angle and centers the axle .
  11. Turning off main road to side road is like a boat with waves hitting the sides?

    Yes , the front was all that was needed with a TJ any way as it was designed to work with the OE rear sway bar even though Currie made one for the rear but was not a direct bolt in replacement and most never used the rear for a DD . The front alone is a lot softer and removes the part that...
  12. Turning off main road to side road is like a boat with waves hitting the sides?

    I used to hate that in my TJ . Currie Anti rock front sway bar took that away . it softens things up a bit and removes the side to side rocking in eactly the situation you describe and make off-roading much nicer
  13. "I'm gonna keep the mojave stock..."

    Sure wouldn't mind getting paid for every time I said I'm going to leave this stock. At this age I stopped saying it because every one laughs at me when I say it
  14. Jeep Gladiator Handling Problem

    Seems the same with every 4x4 I have ever owned . Lift it then correct all the things most lift kits leave out so the price is appealing I guess. On the JT it started with pretty much MOPAR kit plus adj front track bar, 37 ko2s minus Fox parts . Thought it drove good at first . Then over time...
  15. Cry three times, buy three times shocks

    I have had the Bil's 5100 on a couple vehicles and never really cared for the ride. Always seemed a bit stiff but the 5100s are nothing special . For the Money I have come to like Eibach much more than Bilstein 5100. If you go with Bils go with a better model than a 5100
  16. Mopar control arms vs drop brackets for 2 inch springs

    I have the better part of MOPAR 2" and just swapped the MOPAR LCA's for Rancho Geo Brackets . The road no longer has any effect on the truck . rough pavement is smoother, crosswinds are handled like it did when the truck was stock . I only wish something like the Geo brackets were available for...
  17. How do Gladiators handle on the highway?

    100% better after removing the MOPAR extended length LCAs and installing Rancho Geometry Correction bracket using middle hole and standard LCAs
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I removed the MOPAR longer lower front control arms and installed the Rancho Geometry Brackets . Gained 9/10's of a degree in caster and it made a very noticeable difference from what I thought was ok with the MOPAR arms. It went from 5.5 to 6.4 degrees in caster plus the other benefits of the...
  19. Control arms

    On my TJ I have had Currie lowers naturally with Johnny Joints for about 20 years ( original joints) . I had the same for uppers for a while but swapped the upper Johnny Joints for the MetalCloak duroflex bushings. At that time MetalCloak made a bushing that could be inserted in a JJ housing...
  20. Confirmed: Gladiator 4xe coming in 2025. JT Gladiator production continues into 2028

    Naaa .... I have a golf cart not interested in a Biden Wagon