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  1. Auto stop, worst idea ever just got worse.

    I bought my JTR in May 2019 and I'm still on my original aux battery and I replaced my main a few months ago. My wife's JLU that we bought in May 2020, it's had both batteries replaced twice and the SS not available message started again a few weeks ago.
  2. UAW and Stellantis Reach Tentative Agreement

    Record profits while shipping less vehicles. The auto manufacturers knew the strike was coming and increased the price of the vehicles to cover the labor deal. Now they are going to increase the prices more and blame it on the labor deal. This is flat out price gouging and any other industry...
  3. Gladiator Rust issues

    Took mine in on Monday. I saw bubbling on the hinges, but when the body shop looked at it they found a bunch more. They will send their findings to Jeep to get it covered under warranty. They said I would be out a vehicle for 2-3 weeks, but I'll get a loaner. My wife has a 2020 JLU and it looks...
  4. DIY How-to: Take the Aux Battery Offline

    I just measured it and it's about shot, measured 12.4V. I'm going to go get a new main battery after work and keep this mod in place. I'm just confused as to why I didn't get the auxiliary switch message until I did the mod.
  5. DIY How-to: Take the Aux Battery Offline

    I have the original batteries in my 2020 JTR that I bought in May 2019. I started to get the S/S unavailable message a few weeks ago and it never went away so I decided to do this mod. I did it this past Sunday and everything was working fine until this morning. Today when I started the Jeep I...
  6. For those that live in pa driving without doors

    I disagree. The part you are referring to is about doors opening and closing securely. If this law passes and there are still grey areas we are back to square one. "The doors shall open and close securely unless the vehicle has been manufactured or modified to the extent that there is no roof...
  7. For those that live in pa driving without doors

    If it came from the factory with half doors then according to the way the law is written it's OK. The problem is that every cop has their own interpretation of the law and you trying to prove them wrong won't get you too far. This is how the law is written. Doors – A vehicle specified under...
  8. For those that live in pa driving without doors

    Cops in SW PA can be Aholes, there are areas that have cops that are known to write tickets. Half doors and tube doors are a grey area and open to a cops interpretation.
  9. For those that live in pa driving without doors

    They've been trying to get this passed for years. Both Wolf and Fedderman were Jeep owners and the bill still didn't get passed when they were in office, so I wouldn't hold my breath.
  10. Cross bars on the roof interfering with XM satellite radio signal?

    Yep, I learned this after installing crossbars and a ski rack on my wife's JLU.
  11. Lease ending in 2 months, thinking about upgrading

    If you aren't planning on buying your lease out don't let it expire, your trade in value is way more than your residual value.
  12. Waiting for the hatchet to fall ...............

    I've had my Gladiator for 3.5 years and still on the original batteries. My wife's JLU had auxiliary battery replaced at 1.5 years. We always turn the SS off. I just changed my daughter's battery on her Renegade over the weekend because it was down to about 75% charge and it was the original...
  13. Installed Falken Rubitrek AT

    Towed the boat over the weekend and the ass end of the truck felt like it had less bounce than with the original tires, maybe it's because they are new. So far I'm happy with them, they are a lot quieter then the MT, buy seem a little louder than the wife's Wildpeak ATs.
  14. Installed Falken Rubitrek AT

    Thanks for the reassurances. I usually spend hours when buying something and go through every detail. I was so sick of looking at tires and needed them installed before my inspection ran out at the end of the month that I overlooked the P rating. As mentioned above I'll probably just swap with...
  15. Installed Falken Rubitrek AT

    You are right they are P rated tires and I now realized that I f'd up. I'm not going to go through how or what happened, but I have a question. I don't go heavy off reading or carry heavy loads very often, but I do tow a boat every weekend. Should I be concerned about the load rating? I have 3...
  16. Installed Falken Rubitrek AT

    I finally replaced the factory MT tires after they got ridiculously loud. I was specifically shopping for the Falken AT tires since I put them on the wife's JLU and I like them. I couldn't find anyone selling takeoffs or find a decent price from a retailer. In my search I found the Rutitrek AT...
  17. Tire rotation interval

    I just ordered Falken Rubitrek AT, they are supposed to be a little more road friendly than the Wildpeak AT and they are snow rated. I have the factory Falken MT and can't wait to change them out. My wife has the Wildpeak AT on her JLU so I'll be able to so a pretty good comparison. I wanted the...
  18. Good price?

    I have a 2020 JTR and 32,000 miles on the factory Falken mud tires and they are getting annoyingly loud, so I've been searching for a new tire. It's either going to be the Falken AT or the BFG KO2. I found these on the Walmart site and I'm wondering if this is a good price or can I get them...
  19. Pennsylvania WTB Rubicon takeoff tires

    I am, but have a few questions. How many miles are on them, are they the AT or MT, and how much are you asking? I'm not interested in the MT since that's what I have on my JTR now and I don't really like them.
  20. Pennsylvania WTB Rubicon takeoff tires

    I'm looking for 4 Rubicon takeoff tires, located near Pittsburgh.