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  1. California Delete

    No longer available
  2. Heretic Brewery in Fairfield 11/19

    Just posting this to see who's down to roll out there I post on IG a lot @svcwelds , and figured why not post on here and see if we can get a little meet and greet on here. They open at 10am and serve brunch til 12pm but serve food and drinks all day ofcourse.
  3. DIY Midland radio mount

    I tried mounting in many places others have but I just didn’t like it? So I decided to make a simple basic mount. Two sided tape the factory bracket to the plate I made. Will add Velcro felt to other side of plate to hold onto center console to eliminate any vibration. No kinks to wires and I...
  4. California Sold: 2023 Wrangler XR / Mopar Beadlock capable wheels

    Updated listing. Tires were dismounted $2000 set of 5 wheels, no tpms
  5. California Sold: Factory BFG 315/70R17 Ko2 set of 5 tires only

    Ordered 37s so these are coming off next week. Pick up in Vacaville, CA. Date code 10th week of 23 Only 800 street miles , spare is new. $1400 for the set, cash or PayPal if you cover the fees.
  6. Metalcloak fender gutz delete kit

    Just installed the @Metalcloak gutz delete kit on my Wrangler. I only trimmed the fenders and didn’t do a full chop. Light is plug and play, no issues going from factory halogen to these LEDs. I didn’t change any settings with the Tazer. I have the other chop kit on my Gladiator and have issues...
  7. California Delete

  8. DIY front bumper

    I picked up another Jeep, a JL, and decided to build my own front bumper. Took some trial and error but I’m happy with the final. I used 1/8” since it’s not winch capable but with a winch plate behind I could always edit the top plate and face to clear a winch. Anyways let me know what you all...
  9. Diode Dynamics lights

    I purposely made sure not to get the LED light package on my JL since I took pretty much off all of them from my JT. I had plans to go all @Diode Dynamics and can’t wait to get these ELITE MAX headlamps installed. I’ll do some side by side comparisons too against factory halogen and factory LED.
  10. Metalcloak skids

    Installing the @Metalcloak skids. I didn’t have to drill the frame as mentioned in the instructions for the driver’s side. But I’m running Nemesis inner front liners so I’m having to wrestle at the motor mount bolts for the oil pan skid plate. I needed more extensions lol so I decided to just...
  11. Metalcloak front stubby bumper installed

    Metalcloak ‘s JL/JT Front Bumper base and winch plate along with the 46” crawler caps. Installed this on my brother’s gladiator. He’s just saving up now for lights and winch, figured I’d share some pictures with dimensions if any was curious since I don’t see these around much.
  12. Picked up a JL to go with the JT

    Making my own bumper for this one. I don’t plan on a winch. Just a mock up for now but will have provisions for fog lights.
  13. Radio died completely

    I was on Bluetooth talking on phone parked and turned off the truck it disconnected and I thought it was just timed out thought nothing of it. This morning radio and screen completely dead won’t turn on. No reverse camera. But all my hvac controls still work. Anyone else experience this at...
  14. Frontrunner rack with Roam case mounts

    Sharing another issue I have with universal mounts that don’t fit like we wish they would. Only two slot can line up with the frontrunner slats since they’re not adjustable. So I’m making sandwich plates that will go from under the slats and the mounts will pull from there to give it 4 mounting...
  15. Magnum rear bumper

    I’ve been tinkering with making my own rear bumper, but for $406 shipped after tax this might just be the route I go. I could always cut into this bumper and mod it vs trying to make all the pieces to my own bumper.
  16. Guess I’ll DIY my own rear bumper too

    Alright here we go…. Pack of card stock to make puzzle pieces. This def won’t be a quick process. Taking a few ideas from various other bumpers. I know I don’t want a wrap around bumper but I also don’t want it looking out of place. So we shall see. If it turns out decent I’ll offer it up as a...
  17. Oracle flush mounts finally went out. What should I do……

    I was on one of those initial group buys when these first came out. They had issues yes. I was patient and they’ve been working great, look great and bright reverse lights. Loved em! But now I’m out of the warranty window by about 4 months. I’ll contact them to see what they’ll offer if...
  18. California Sold: Mojave Fox shocks and springs

    I ended up swapping out to heavier and taller springs and shocks since went a whole different route with the Gladiator (steel bumper, winch, skids, rsi cap, rack, awning, water tank, gear , etc) . If your goal is to added a bunch of weight these are not for you. I will include the front and...
  19. Teraflex Forged ST rear sway bar

    I was in need of new rear links but couldn’t justify spending almost $200 on link and reinforcement plates to the factory frame mounts so I opted for the teraflex. I couldn’t find much feedback on it compared to the rock jock antirock rear setup. But at half the cost I’m happy with the Teraflex...
  20. Teraflex JT driveline spacer kit 4801000

    I’m removing my AEV spacer kit and going with Clayton/Dobinson combo of springs which puts me around 3” of lift. In doing so I’m removing the carrier bearing spacers from AEV and sold with the kit, those spacers equal about 1.1” thick. Clayton doesn’t offer a driveline spacer with their setup...