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  1. Confirmed: Gladiator 4xe coming in 2025. JT Gladiator production continues into 2028

    But wait, according to a lot of folks on this forum the Gladiator was going to be discontinued any moment. 😜
  2. FCA Reports Q3 2023 US Sales, Including Jeep Gladiator Sales

    All things considered, these numbers aren't horrible. It still works out to about one Gladiator sold for every four Wranglers, which is about what'd I'd expect. Both are down due to interest rates, high prices, increased competition and so on. Plus, folks are "revenge spending" on travel, live...
  3. Jeep Gladiator 4xe PHEV Hybrid is coming says head of Jeep Brand 👍

    If Stellantis is smart, the Dakota will be a unibody compact and aimed at the Ford Maverick. It will disappoint some but I think the midsize segment - Tacoma, Colorado, Canyon, Ranger, Ridgeline, Gladiator, Frontier - is about saturated.
  4. 2024 Jeep Gladiator debuts with new grille, interior, more options and upper trim levels

    You could really parse the use of "electrified" too. Jeep could simply do a mild hybrid aka "eTorque" with the 3.6 (like Stellantis does in the Ram) and then say the Gladiator is technically "electrified" by 2025. I doubt that though because why wait this long. I agree that something is in...
  5. 2024 Jeep Gladiator debuts with new grille, interior, more options and upper trim levels

    I mean 4xe is obviously coming since the full lineup will be electrified by 2025. Jim Morrison even confirmed it today. Not sure what the hold up is but maybe the engineers aren't quite happy with it on the JT yet. Regardless, 4xe and XR were not part of the recent mid-cycle refresh on the JL -...
  6. 2024 Jeep Gladiator debuts with new grille, interior, more options and upper trim levels

    Wow, a lot of disappointment and gloom and doom on this thread. I'm a little surprised by the reaction. Anyone paying attention should have anticipated that the 2024 Gladiator would essentially copy/paste the mid-cycle updates from the Wrangler. Hell, when it was unveiled in 2019 the Gladiator...
  7. Q2 2023 Jeep Gladiator Sales Results

    First, Gladiator sales aren't terrible relative to the segment - especially for a vehicle that hasn't seen significant updates in almost 4 years. The Tacoma is always going to blow everyone out of the water while the Ranger, Colorado, Gladiator, etc. fight over a smaller piece of the pie. The...
  8. 33" tire option for 18" Overland wheel

    Several Overland owners on this forum, myself included, have put 295/70R18 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLTs on the stock Overland wheel. Comes out to about a 34" tire. Looks great and doesn't drive too stiff for a load range E tire. Those tires are also within the approved rim width for the stock...
  9. 2024 Jeep Gladiator Refresh Caught in the Wild

    It's what you'd expect based on the updated JL that was unveiled recently. I'm still just not a fan of the revised grill.
  10. Engine noise

    How constant is the noise when driving? I have a 2020 Overland with the 3.6 and I've had a similar experience but typically only when on a high-rise bridge with a steeper incline. I rarely, if ever, hear that diesel-like clatter otherwise. I actually think it's something rotational and not the...
  11. Jeep Gladiator Q1 2023 US Sales Numbers

    The two are connected. Shortage of materials made new cars more expensive as well. In the current economic environment, consumers are more price sensitive. I think that explains the Grand Cherokee's sales decrease. Down 27 percent from the prior year even though it's a brand new model and now...
  12. "Creaking" plastic? sound in cabin

    In addition to the hard top bolts, I'd check the windshield bolts. The one on the far left drivers side in my truck occasionally works itself lose and creates a rattle. After I tighten it, all's good.

    And I'd say both Jeep and Volvo have had great success under their new ownership.
  14. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    The Wagoneer BEV is an addition to the Wagoneer brand stable. The BEV isn't replacing the existing GW or Wagoneer models. Those models will eventually go electric, too, but still be big, truck-based people haulers.
  15. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I think it's a smart move on Jeep's part. As evidenced by the number of Sahara and High Altitude-trim Jeeps I see rolling around, there's a market for a more lux, comfortable off-roader product from Jeep. You can dress up Wrangler and Gladiator all you want but it still feels like a Jeep (not a...
  16. Can someone explain why I still love my truck??

    Fortunately, I have not experienced your issues with my JT. Going on 30k miles, the Gladiator has been solidly reliable aside from the leaking rear glass that was replaced under warranty. I do sometimes long for the roominess, comfort and payload/towing capacity of a full-size truck. But I just...
  17. High Velocity Yellow Color Introduced For 2023 Jeep Gladiator

    There's someone in my parking lot at work with a HVY Wrangler. It is a plain awful color. At first I thought there's no way it came from the factory that way. And, typically, I appreciate Jeep's brighter colors. Mojito, Punk'n, Hellayella, etc. look great.
  18. Good, we're more exclusive now..

    The JT isn't going anywhere. And it was never intended to be a volume seller. For better or worse, Stellantis/FCA made the decision a long time ago to chase higher average transaction prices. That's why the historically niche Jeep brand became the "volume" brand, Ram became a standalone brand...
  19. Nanny-State Tire Pressure warnings

    I know the Tazer JL Lite will let you change the PSI at which the warning lights come on. I believe the lowest you can change it to is 25 PSI though.
  20. Getting new 295/70/R18 ..... choices?

    I put 295/70R18 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT on my stock Overland wheels. Tire size is great for the Overland. Regarding the specific tires you're considering, do you know what the load range is for each? Almost everything in that size is E, including the Coopers I bought. Tires are definitely...