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  1. Aux switches?

    I have a ruby 2020 manual transmission Gladiator with ARE cap. Love it... but I need to sell it for an automatic (long story, won't bore you). I have aux switches on my MT Glad - never used them. What are they used for (newbie here)? I don't plan to off road, have lights, a winch, etc... I do...
  2. Buyer's Remorse

    First thing: please don't hate on me or beat me up. This is tough enough as it is... I ordered a beautiful Red JT back in early May. Almost all the bells and whistles. Manual transmission. Seriously my dream truck. Joined you all on the ordering roller coaster... yet as time passed, I began to...
  3. Sticker Bomb Your JT?

    With four kids aged 18-24, we talk about pretty much everything under the sun. What's on tv, NPR, music, cruising Pinterest.com (getting ideas for house, car, yard, etc.)... Got interested in the original sticker bomb concept - wanted to play with it myself - but realized that I couldn't trash...
  4. Hollywood Missed the Boat

    So why the hell didn't Hollywood use a Jeep in Transformers? It IS the ultimate mod machine! :jk:
  5. Old School Mod: Waterproofing Willys Jeep

    War Department Video 1. Extremely cool to watch these submersed Jeeps 2. Asbestos putty? Why aren't they all wearing gloves to apply the putty?! 3. Question: don't you have to remove all that putty?
  6. Expedited Order

    Been following several threads on our orders - and have heard about folks Expediting their orders after 30+ days in D status (for example). Or opening a case inquiry.. Does it work? Do you see any acceleration in your order process? Do you get more loving? Or is just ego pandering empty...
  7. Distracting myself while depressed about build status

    First of all, thank God for all of you/us on this forum - sharing information is a life saver when information is not forth coming from FCA! But... reading all the threads about status delays, hail damage, will-manual-transmissions-ever-be-built, etc, has gotten me pretty down. Like - should I...
  8. Seat Covers

    I've purchased CoverKing Ballistic seat covers for my Wrangler and my Chevy Traverse. I don't know yet (waiting on a response) if they will have seat covers for the Gladiator. I really like the quality and strength of the ballistic covers - much better than neoprene covers which fade and stretch...
  9. Jeep Chat - inconsistent

    11:20pm - wanted to check on the status of my build... so I checked in with Jeep Chat. Looks like another inconsistency over at Jeep/FCA... *sigh* ... @JeepCares Jacob (6/14/2019, 11:11:21 PM): Hi, my name is Jacob with FCA Customer Care, How may I help you? Me (6/14/2019, 11:11:27 PM): Hi...
  10. SF Bay Area - Any JT Sightings?

    I've seen zero JTs in the wild. So sad
  11. A Gladiator Tee for the ladies!

    Found a gal on Etsy who did a wrangler tee - I asked her to make it a Gladiator instead!
  12. JT FWB: LOL

  13. Overland Expo West May 17-19, 2019

    Anyone heading to the Overland Expo this weekend in Flagstaff Arizona? I can't go (didn't even know about it until today!), but wish I could. I'm especially curious in the Leitner Racks - they've got a Rubicon Gladiator all tricked out and I'd surely love to see some photos of it! Anyone?
  14. Color Remorse

    Knew I wanted this truck long before they went into production - spent years drooling over the AEV Brute, but couldn't spend that kind of money. Always wanted a red Jeep truck, but wasn't sure about this particular red... so I went with black. Classic, sleek with the matching paint top and...
  15. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!

    Gonna be awhile before I load my dogs up in my Gladiator - although ordered, no VIN, no nothing yet. So, please show me YOUR puppers loaded up in your JT! Bonus points for secure bed traveling dogs! Whoo hoo!
  16. NorCal Gladiator Folk?

    I know you're out there! I'm near San Jose... and am waiting on a VIN for my black Rubi Glad. You?