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  1. Anyone running the rockkrawler pro-x on their JT

    I have it in mine also. Does ride better in the back it follows straight over bumps instead of have the axle move with the track bar. I did the drill and tap with the axle under the truck and axle drooped down. I also highly suggest to weld the truss to the axle. I welded about and inch or so...
  2. 3D printing parts

    Pm sent.
  3. New Product Release Artec's Front and Rear Bantam Series Bumpers are here to turn heads and tackle trails.

    Can't wait for my Bantam rear bumper. Pre-ordered at GSMJI. Been waiting for this since Holly showed it in her video.
  4. Hood edge paint starting to bubble.

    I have a couple spots on the drivers side hood edge of my late 2021 rubicon hood also. I will be taking mine in for warranty at some point.
  5. Under Hood Liner necessary?

    I took out the Rubicon vents and took a Dremel to them. I cut out the bottom of the rain trays all the way around the vent making them functional.
  6. Under Hood Liner necessary?

    It is a UPR products oil catch can in the PCV line from the back of the valve cover to the intake manifold. I actually like the location they put it in because it gets hot enough to burn the moisture content out of the catch can and leaving just oil and keeping it out of the intake manifold...
  7. Under Hood Liner necessary?

    I more or less didn't put it back because most of the clips broke when removing the insulation and I was lazy about buying the clips and marking and cutting the insulation for functional hood vents.
  8. Under Hood Liner necessary?

    I have been running mine for about a year and a half with no hood liner since making the rubicon vent functional. I have had no issues. I can visually see the heat rising out the rubicon vents and the electric fan doesn't have to run as much while offroading.
  9. American Adventure Labs DRL failure

    I went with the tinted quakes for the same reason they were in stock for immediate shipment and didn't have some ridiculous shipping charges for them. My Quakes have been flawless for about 1.5 years now.
  10. Matt is crazy! No locker wrangler skills!

    Very impressive watched earlier today. You can see the Jeep brake lock differential traction control.
  11. Method MR706 Measurement Help - Apex RPV Valves

    I have the standard valves on my kmc grenades with 4.75" backspace. They are really close to the wheel. In one of the Northridge install videos they do mention you can change the location of the gasket and install to outside the rim for slightly longer valve stem clearance.
  12. TPMS weird issue

    The factory sensors do go into a sleep mode. I have had a few new ones that just would not read after multiple pressure settings and miles. I currently have one in my driver's side front not working. When I pull this one out on my 5 tire rotation I will put another new sensor in it. It is...
  13. Removing Tazer

    You can definitely re‐use it on the new Jeep. Just make sure to unmarry it. Also the cables need to be plugged back in for the head unit to operate. I ran into that issue with my truck at one point. I started with Jscan and those setting from the first post and most vehicle settings can be...
  14. Removing Tazer

    If you just remove it and not return to stock those setting shouldn't change. If you unmarried the Tazer it will return to the settings that were there when it was married.
  15. Smoky Mountain Jeep invasion 2023

    I am heading up tomorrow morning. I plan on doing Cades Cove/Parson trail either Friday afternoon or Saturday. I though about heading to Windrock also but thought it might be pretty crowded with Jeep Invasion going on. Trail 51 and 26 are both pretty good but are far apart from each other...
  16. Smoky Mountain Jeep invasion 2023

    I would suggest not doing it that direction. Besides the traffic going the other way and not many areas to pass there is a big down hill section with muddy ruts you would have to go up if coming from the g1 side.
  17. Any tips, hints, secrets, or just a guide to getting naked?

    I have the Amazon 2 piece mesh shades in mine also when the top is off knocks down some of the direct sunlight and cheaper then the name brand versions. It would be nice to not have to deal with afternoon thunderstorms here. Been mainly driving to work at 5am topless. Been upper 70's to 80's at...
  18. Any tips, hints, secrets, or just a guide to getting naked?

    There are alignment pins molded in the rear hard top by the B pillar and on the back edge, C pillar, on both sides. The top needs to be lifted about 1/2" prior to pulling it back. I open the rear window and pull the rear hardtop from the bed by myself with a step ladder at the tailgate. Also...
  19. Rockslide Engineering sliders/steps any good? How's the install?

    Love them also and they have held up fine. First thing I purchased and installed on mine with the skid armor. I have the gen 2 sliders and prefer the full width coverage all the way to the back tire. I have used them numerous times by the back tire to pivot around an obstacle. They do keep a lot...
  20. I.D. This Tire

    Pic definitely looks like a render. Probably baja claw bias ply though. They are more aggressive than the radials.