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  1. Pennsylvania Sold: Pritchett Canyon Bumper $300

    Despite loving this bumper, I decided to go with a full width bumper. I had a company mix up a couple cans of Sting Grey, which is what it is painted now. There are a few scratches from wheeling, but no dents, and it's not bent. It's a beast of a bumper. Most of the hardware is included, but may...
  2. 4XE swapped JT

    Has anyone considered this, or know if it's been done yet? Just curious. I'm not looking to do it, but I'd be interested in seeing the results.
  3. My DIY Overlanding & Camping Trailer

    Figured I'd start this to keep a record of my build. Some of you may remember my first build, which worked great and we used the heck out of it. I wanted to get a small enclosed trailer for something more secure, weatherproof, and to make it easier to load/unload (or eliminate that part of it...
  4. Pennsylvania 2.5" EVO Plush Ride springs $400 obo Evo shock extenders $100 obo

    Installed on my '20 gasser JT Sport for about 10,000 miles. Provided closer to 3" of lift. Only reason for selling is I went with Clayton Springs to match my control arms. Will ship on your dime. I also have a used set (4) of 2.5" EVO shock extenders. $100
  5. Overland Trailer 2.0

    Hello. So a few of you have seen my first build, which we used quite a few times and loved. It worked well, towed nicely, and got a lot of attention wherever we went. However, it had it's downsides. Storms would require us to pack everything up, and it's height/weight made it a little top heavy...
  6. Pennsylvania Sold: Custom Built Overland Trailer

    Just seeing if there is any interest in my Overland Trailer. I built it roughly 2 years ago. First off, the sale does NOT include the Roof Top Tent itself, aluminum drawer slide, or the Solar power kit. It does include all lights, kayak hooks, tool box, leveling jacks, ARB awnings (the large...
  7. Pennsylvania Sold: Looking for Overland Side Steps

    Looking for a pair of steps from an Overland steps. Hopefully it'll help the GF and kids get in and out of my JT when I lift it. Thanks for looking! Ben
  8. Pennsylvania JLU Accessories

    We sold our Jeep Wrangler JLUR and have these pieces available. -AJT Key fob in White. Red and black buttons ($35 new) $20 -Quadratec/WeatherTech Front and Rear seat molded rubber floor mats ($180 new) $150 -Spidershade Front and Rear roof mesh top in redish-orange ($100 new) $75 -Rugged Ridge...
  9. Jeep Vangler

    A buddy sent me this today. Love the concept/idea, and I would be very interested in checking one out if they would ever decide to build it.
  10. Steel Front Bumper availability

    Anyone hear if this bumper is available yet? I'm still in D status, and want to add it back to my build since it wasn't an option when the dealer placed the order.
  11. Better for residual: Auto or Manual Trans...?

    Good morning folks, Weighing out my options here and the reality of not being able to afford a 6-spd JTR right away, is becoming apparent. Thinking about ordering and leasing a Sport for 2-3 years, then upgrading to a Rubi when the time comes. With that in mind, would there be a difference in...